[Hip-Hop] The Artisanal Juice Shop -Beet Juice

new shit more full/put together…I think. shit on me please! or tell me if you like it :slight_smile:


I appreciate your effort - some of the tracks sound dope, with all this sample mangling and stuff.

However, the mix and mastering side lack a lot - some tracks lack depth and low end, some tracks lack space, the loudness levels jump all the time when skipping between tracks. Most of all, the overall impression is… a bit boring and repetitive - with many tracks being based on very short samples that repeat on and on… sorry to say that.

28 - loving that the song has 3 drastically different parts, been seeing this trend in hip hop and I think it works well on beats to keep the repetitiveness of beats fresh. the increase in gain of the snare while transitioning to the next section is a little off-putting to me

Funkyturk - I think the bit at 0:55 could have more energy in the mix, I’d boost the frequencies of the leads or layer them. 1:09 I think the gain drop/fade out could be smoother…