Hi, I'm new


Hi, I’m moodorf…(yeah, my real name is Jeff) and I’m sort of looking at online forums for tips on music production/music recommendations/posting my music. I didn’t even know there was an IDM forum until now. Probably should have guessed. Anyone, I’ll post a bandcamp link if anyone’s interested in hearing my latest stuff. Thanks!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome! I’ve found this forum to be packed with some incredibly talented and friendly people. Look forward to checking your stuff out. Sweet avatar pic!


I’m new here too, hello…

Post your links d00d


hi there! Yeah, post some stuffs. Once you get 30 posts (I think, don’t quote me) you can put stuff up in our listening booth too for comments/critique of ongoing projects.


Cool, I think I should be getting to 30 soon.


Hi guys,

New to the forum too (although been lurking on & off for years), not new to the music. Let’s say my entering the electronic world was around 1990, thanks to Skinny Puppy, fLA, Numb, 242, Poésie Noire, etc etc. IDM-wise, well I own probably 3/4 of the entire Tympanik Audio catalog on CD so there’s that. I am a musician and record collector, love various types of music, from experimental (S.B.O.T.H.I, :z*f:) to hardore/punk/metal… with the exception of Rap music and what’s called R’n’B these days (as opposed to the original version that predates rock’n’roll - the real rythm’n’blues if you will), that I really can’t stand :slight_smile:

I’ve just released an electronica/IDM-ish album on Bandcamp (digital + ltd edition vinyl) and would like to know if it is OK to post a link to this community, as some of you may like it.

Know that I have zero expectations of making money with that album, since it’s painfully evident that people don’t buy music anymore… but I’d like the music to be heard because it’s been a labor of love.

That’s about it. Thanks for reading. If you’re an Admin, thank you for keeping this community alive and letting me know what’s OK on the forum.


I member, welcome back.

Btw, could you move this to a new thread? I’d do it but I’m on my mobile.


Welcome to thunderdome!

…my name is Jeff, also.

Cheers! :beers:


inb4 mynameizjeff


Thanks & OK, done.