hi i aspiring 69 years old broducer that recently got fruity loops program for christmas from torrents discount store i’m not sure how it works yet but after 3 youtube tutorials i think i discovered my path of life because my biggest hobby is music too (i know it’s unique hobby) so i came here to promote my greatest hits and ignore anything else im not interested in negative opinions i think I’m already got enough of talent so I’m looking for a label contract so if any of you work in big labels please contact me at richard69@yahoo.com also does anyone know any good sample packs i think i ran out of hi hats


Hi bro, good luck in your journey…

Hi Richard. I’m the same exact everything as you so I think I can help, except my name is Billy-Joe-Bobby-Duncan.

First of all, forget about Fruity Loops. As my voice trainer used to say, “That shit’s gay”. I recommend Acoustica Mixcraft 2.0 because if you use it, you will literally never run out of hi-hats, trashcan-lid snares and really cool sounds that I can’t even describe. I think one is even a cowbell, but my great grandson says that I’m too old to hear some of the higher-pitched sounds.

Anyway, I’ll drop my amazon affiliate link and soundcloud details off later - they say that this would qualify as spam, and I too dislike negative feedback. In fact, when I post my music online I delete all of the criticism because those bad vibes bring me down. All I want is good vibes and praise.

Welcome aboard, and maybe you can help me to pitch down some of those samples that my ears can’t perceive so I can feel young again. As my son used to say, “ROFL, you’re not my dad”.

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hate to burst your bubble U2 but i have to agree to disagree about that, word is that mixcraft is not good and honestly from what i hear on the street i myself wouldnt want to be associated with that product/company even though i havent tested mixcraft out myself, tbh i just go by what i hear because 2 times out of 10 its true and its just easier to make assumptions, but i do hear that logic and reason are pretty good though but i think logic is specifc to apple products, as for reason its like software version of hardware modular setup, reason i believe isnt os specific however as of recent it may or may not support vst but im not sure, also im pretty sure you’ll need a complementary netflix/amazon subscription in order to get some of the perks offered by propellerhead and/or apple…

also you may wanna make a facebook page and link that to an instagram…for proper self promo…or you could just fuck kim kardashian…either way works…watch out though don’t od on quelueds…

Someone older than me on this forum?

I like you already @_ms … welcome :sunglasses: