Hello you beautiful IDMF people

Hi Everyone,

My name is Guy and I am really looking forward to being a part of this wonderful community. I have always loved music and got into electronic music in my early teens. I had previously registered on this site years ago when I was making music as Digital Ghost, but I honestly have no idea what any of that information is anymore. Since I am starting to make music under a new moniker I figured it was time to join up again.

I have really enjoyed release by IDMF contributing artists, including my best friend, who has been featured on a few compilations. Iā€™m excited to see what has been going on in the community over the past few years and to see where it goes in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you are all safe and healthy! :slight_smile:

  • Guy

Hey Guy, welcome to the forum.

We had a 100% data loss not that long ago so your old profile is gone anyway.

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welcome back!
as relic said, your old login is probably gone anyway. the only access we have to that old forum is through archive.org
no point crying over spilt man-milk though

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