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Hi everyone, I used to have an account in the days before… never posted but maybe that’ll change this go-round. Interests include music, computers, and software/hardware used to make music on computers - anyone else? :slight_smile:


Indeed I too am interested in music and computers. These days I run FL Studio on a windows laptop to get it done and have a few hardware sysnths to jam on for inspiration. How about you?

Nice - I’m running Ableton on an older macbook pro with Komplete 11, Serum, and some others. As for hardware, all I’ve got is the push, no actual synths yet.

@White_Noise which synth do you end up using the most?

That is a really good question… What actually gets into songs with it’s audio the most is U-he Diva for me. Best softsynth evar. I’m usually too lazy to record my hardware synths in part because Diva sounds really really good and I can dial in most sounds that I’d get on pretty much any hardware in under 5 minutes and be off without having to route and gainstage any hardware inputs. Also easier to automate because I don’t have to think about MIDI CCs or NRPNs. I just point my automation lanes to the parameters I want and they all come up when I load my project.

But what I practice and come up with ideas on is usually the Prophet Rev2. It boots and warms up way faster than even a good template session, can’t distract me with too many effects or getting sucked into mixing. 16 voices is more than enough even for two sounds at once the way I play (very amateur). The keyboard is nice to play and big enough that I never run out of space if I’m voicing things reasonably. But it’s not so gorgeous sounding that I get hung up on getting the perfect take of anything and I’m happy to just bring up similar enough sounds in Diva when it comes time to make a real song out of the ideas that I came up with at the Prophet.

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Welcome back! You will find many of us share your interests. :slight_smile:


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You’ve inspired me to have a go with the Diva demo. And even though the prophet rev2 sounds like a beast I might just save the $2k for a machine a bit more capable of running diva than my 2011 mbp :rofl: at least for now…

I can also see the benefit of just flipping a switch to be able to jam out and come up with new ideas… which makes the decision all the tougher really.

Welcome back, whoever you were before.
I’m mostly into hardware these days as I spend way too much time on my laptop for work and for my programming hobby.
The synth I use the most is the Microfreak, lovely little thing…

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