Hello Gruntfuttocks!



Never growin’ up. Lets see what we can do with this place. Time to get decoratin’.

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Need to dig out my old avatar, external hard drive is packed in a box. Settling with this for now. Where are we at with things, you guys ever have that chat?

Edit: Actually, I think I’ll keep this one now hat I see it. Out with old, in with new.

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Roo and I got to chat a bit. Auto seems to be on track getting the forums set up so far.

unfair advantages and all of that sort of complaints.

Wow, so futuristic!

“posts must be at least 20 characters”




Shit’s broken, nerds. Plz fix.


this is so futuristic , also hey wazzaaaapapappapapapappajdkhioehfh

nice to see idmf is back alive, new forums looking good :slight_smile:

Site is back up, yay!!

And I’m back, bitches. @thom - please see my new gear in the hardware thread :grimacing::sunglasses:

I feel like I’m in the future right now. Hi everyone :smiley:

G’day from down under!

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Yes, welcome back IDMF. Look forward to procrastinating my time away on your forums again.

Crazy futuristic for sure. Some of the animations are more distracting than anything else - opening a new thread, things flash orange for a moment. In addition to that, the colour scheme is a bit light and/or lacking in contrast. I like the new pinning functionality, and the new user experience was kinda nifty.

@you doesn’t work either, pls fix.

Hello again troops. This reboot has somewhat inspired me to be more active on here instead of lurking in the background all the time.


so, does anyone know the skinny on what happened? Everything is gone :frowning:

Dr’s in the house. Well this is all kinda new and squeaky clean, isn’t it. How y’all been.

I suspect it was deliberate.

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It’s alwas been this, there never was anything else. Any more inciting behavior, you’ll catch a ban.


It’s alwas been this,

So... just to be clear.... we don’t post about the thing that didn’t happen?
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^I’m just fucking around. Post about whatever you like.