Hello everyone! Need advice from the pros in the music :)

I am a novice beatmaker from Russia. Not so long ago, I began to master this skill :slight_smile:
I am here to meet and learn more about musical tips and tricks.
I want to ask the pros for advice: what services do you use to promote your tracks?
Soon I plan to finish the first track and I can not decide what to do with it further.

I will leave your question to the pros, but ahoy and welcum!

“whitesharky” Are you more interested in promotional advice or how to make the music? I’m strictly a composer and could give you some tips in that category.

Если ты так хорош , то люди найдут твою музыку.

Hey there, I think most people here do not believe in promo and instead just put their stuff on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and so on without any real promo, waiting for real genius to be completely naturally discovered at some point, but welcome and good luck :wink:

“metaside” I did that too but with a twist. Earlier this year i tried to find music by other strangers i liked and leave comments on them. Did this in the hopes that some of them would naturally click over to my profile and see what i was all about.

Yeah, I think giving some feedback is a good thing to do in any case! And it might lead to some networking or collabs with other artists. It’s different from promotion in terms of non-musician listeners though.

The promo depends on the intended audience. Anything from airplay on local radio stations, to slapping stickers with a link to your music all over your town, to being here and interacting with us could be considered promo. All this in addition to what I’m sure you were thinking of - paid promotion on Soundcloud, Spotify, Instagram, or Facebook. I’ve actually tried paid promo and I promise you that doesn’t work. For me, getting to know people on here has opened up more opportunities than all my other marketing combined. But, most of those opportunities are behind the scenes and technical in nature. If you want to be a festival headliner, well, my way isn’t the way to go about it.

cant help you in making it big and becoming famous, im not really focused on promo…i do know some production techniques, because i tried making all the different genres, honestly im still trying to find my musical voice…but its still in development…so i say work on finding your own musical voice, before engaging in marketing.