Hello again!

I think this might be the first post here. Nice.

So I haven’t been active since the old site shut down, I was a bit discouraged by losing my MC points (first world problems) but I’ve come to terms with the loss and I think I’m ready to begin the grieving process. :wink:

I am looking forward to being more active here now that I’m finally beginning to put together my home studio. I’m almost making music that doesn’t make your ears bleed!

I created my first email address in the same year I joined IDMf and I’m still here because this is an AWESOME forum.

Keep it weird!


Welcome back and no problem keepin’ it weird on my end. It’s what I do.

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Sorry about your MC points, I have been there too and I know how it feels.
Thoughts and prayers.

Sending a few John 3:16’s your way bro

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Thank you for the kind words! My family is still dealing with this tragedy but time heals all wounds.


What the FUCK are MC points

They’re a remnant of a bygone era.

Master Cunt points more like

They were used to recognize useful posts or just because someone liked what you said. Now we have the heart (the equivalent of a “Like”) so that works I guess.

What the FUCK is a “Like”

I’m being funny, I was here before the crash m8. Haha don’t you feel foolish nowww

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I feel like you’re the fool who’s wasting my time. :wink:

Well I never

Well I lawled. I also never but I prefer to lawl.

Welcome back dude! lets sling some soundwaves :slight_smile:

Slowly our heads fester above the remnants of days gone by as we rejuvenate into the new world order.
Can I have a Amen…
Can I have. Fuck yeah…
Now can we do some music…