Hecq making music from noise

found this on youtube hope this helps :slight_smile:


Helpful? Hell yes!

I need to beef up my microphone collection… sound source can be a powerful inspiration and an avenue to bringing out something unique and personal… that can now be shared. I’m fumbling to express this thought… the right soundtrack would help… I’m sure.

I also love the concept of “… a track is never finished…” gives permission to let go…when it feels right.

Thank you for sharing

I’ll have to check this out. Been feeling the freedom from the synth overlords and using mostly samples lately.

when i was still making IDM Hecq was a big inspiration.

You can hear it in my “…at the end of it all” release for sure.

cool video!

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I need that underwater microphone
great vid ty

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Most hydraphones (the ones that non-government entities can afford/purchase) are just a watertight piezo elements (or a couple of them) and a preamp. Preamp is mandatory because of the massive rolloff from the piezo impedance and sound travelling through thicker materials tends to be lowpassed anyway. If you just want to record a fish tank or glass of water, wire one up and dip it in wax. The big cost on most affordable hydraphones is the water proofing. DIY, maybe $2-3.

In my experience, getting the most from hydraphones and all the other shit this dude’s doing (love me some inductor mics!) comes from good amplification of source and judicious EQing to pull out the interesting stuff.