Hardware,..granular gear?

Just curious about what options there are for granular hardware gear…

If I were to get one i would prefer it to have some midi capabilities if possible…

I assume this would cost a pretty penny…

Either way just curious about what options exist

Would of posted in the hardware smegma thread but I’m a complete hardware noob…

And I’m not asking about a modular synth…just something strictly granular… the other stuff I can do in the box… and also I dont have the space for A big mega modular synth…

I’m only asking cause I saw a vid of rdevine playing with a granular midi keyboard type thing.

I don’t remember what MIDI it might have but the MicroGranny granular sampler is a cool little box. https://bastl-instruments.com/instruments/microgranny

It isn’t crazy deep but it is fun as hell to mash live and record.

“The minimal interface keeps things simple while offering many possible styles of playing. The microGranny complements your musical gear with no fuss – with MIDI Input, you can take complete external control of all parameters and transposition of the samples or play individual grains by different keys. You can play and hack the settings as much as you like, since over the past few years, we’ve majorly improved stability and so that it’s impossible to get the device stuck in any mode.”

Ok, now I’m convincing myself I need one of these so I can use my Digitakt to tweak and sequence it…

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Interesting find. With that well written blurb i’m convinced I need me one those as well.

I highly recommend them. I never used one with all the MIDI implementation but Im getting giddy thinking about sequencing the grains via an Elektron sequencer.

It is LO FI though. Its like 8 bit mono samples.

The price is right, the colors are fun. I had a plain black one once and I just didn’t love it as much as the nuclear green clear case on I had first.

Maybe something like this?
Good question, I had never even heard of this unit, love me some grains

It’s pretty costly but I would use that thing EVERY time I made anything


@GomesR Dude I now has a crush on dat machine