[Hardcore] Icewind - malFUNKtion

This is my latest track.
I posted this earlier, but it seems it was deleted when the website went down. So I’ll just post it back up here…


Hey man, sweet track! Where is this released? Have you just got it on YouTube/SoundCloud etc? Did you just release yourself with a label?

Yeah, sorry about that. It wasn’t so much deleted, but not backed up as the backup a few days before the upgrades commenced.

Also, welcome back!

I’m also liked that track. Just wanted to say that. :laughing: :laughing:

Wow, thanks for the listens guys!

To answer your question Manton, I am not currently part of any label, I just self release my tracks. And yes, my tracks can be found on SoundCloud/YouTube for now, although I am thinking of expanding to Bandcamp and Spotify soon.