[glitch/various] xvf - glitch album attempt

decided to make another glitch influenced 5 track ep
here are the completed tracks…i’lll make the final track sometime within the next few weeks

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nice one

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Interesting approach in glitch layers. You’re doing better and better with every project you start. I can tell that. It’s good that you don’t stuck with a single technique, constantly exploring new things. That is really exciting! While there’s a lot of similarity between tracks it feels very consistant for an EP release. If I was you (ignore this if you wish) I would work even more on these tracks. While they’re cool already there’s nothing wrong to revisit older projects and do a revision, apply/merge projects/layers. For example, track 3 and 4 are very similar so they could work as a single track instead. How you can make it, it’s up to you. However, if you feel it’s ready - it’s ready then. Good one. Keep it up.

Also, I hope current track titles are placeholders lol

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Honestly I slammed everything with compression (maximus) and EQ to make the sound fuller… the mix I wasn’t too sure about but dometimes with tracks when mixing all the elements i feel like at a certain point if I mess with it more I might make the mix worse…

You know that meme of the db meters for each mixer channel redlining that was literally how I made some of the tracks and then for some I had the balls to add more compression on the mixer channel (A) that shows the selected channel after gainstaging the master…channel…(b)

Dude it was literally retarded…good thing there was no unwanted distortion/clipping it took a while to fine tune it.

But yea some elements of the tracks are made by resampling the resamplings…

Fifth one I’m gonna try utilizing different tempo sequences in diff time sigs to get the fsu glitch sound for the beat…

And I was actually thinking about working more on some of the tracks I mean some of the sounds I can definitely resample…remix…I know track 4 could be edited more in some sections…like resampling the granular sounds in slicex and modding sample start phase with the looping feature on…and side chaining it to the kick compressing it with some call and response…etc… and for track 3 the next last section i feel is underwhelming and cant figure out what else to add…until I figure out something new like a new way to glitch or overcome writers block(as evident by my track titles)…I’ll leave as is for now…

@_ms And thank you for listening your one of the people that has been a huge help in helping me translate what’s in my head into my daw…

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I know you keep mentioning a certain artist as your inspiration but I’d love to hear a version of these under the guise of someone else …

Autechre. You have everything going nuts but I feel like they offer in idea of pulling it back from the edge a bit.

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No problem, my friend. Glad to help. Any time.

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These are great - I lov all these. The trak titles suck though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey xvf, just gave this a listen, and I can dig it. There seems to be room for a “melodic” or lead element in several of the tracks, as the only melodic bits tend to repeat. track 3 seemed like it was begging for some scratchy vocal/monologue over the top. Great work on the glitches all around.

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update worked on tracks 3&4 a bit more

the track is now called noise hop where i replace the out of place bassline with a glitch lead and edited the glitch sequence to sound less random and all over the place…
and the other track is now called diffrakt where i added some vocals, nothing special just me doing some sigur ros type vocals in the last half