[Glitch / Noise] Ian Broderick - Xeransis

I made this incohesive pile of garbage over the past few weeks with OSCiLLOT, VCV Rack and Audiomulch with a very limited knowledge of modular systems. Feel free to rate it negatively because that will make me better and then I can be a real artist one day or something.

Also, free DL codes will be dispensed to anyone who asks. The price is just to block shady sites from redistributing it


Hell yeah, this is awesome. Sounds very organic and analogue to some sense. OSCiLLOT? Isn’t that a M4L plugin? Even if it feels super raw every layer just makes sense, really cool sound design. This > HNW. Do more stuff like this, seems you already came up with a really cool and unique workflow and from here you can expand it even further. More.

Loved the track Protogenic! Overall great sound design, and concepts.

OSCiLLOT seems like a great way for digital heads to get into modular synths! The moog and arp 2600 have always been my favs! It’s so fun to hear someone creating all of this stuff digitaly. Versus running watchpoints here, and there and twisting pots haha.

thanks for sharing. look forward to hearing more.

Mmmmmmm angry. I like angry.

Cool experiments and sound design, could be dope for chopping for games and stuff.