[Glitch, dreamy electronica] Grids/Units/Planes - Diverge and Coalesce (+ A text adventure)


Backseat Mafia have reviewed this EP and said:

‘heady and mesmerising electronica… awe inspiring and transfixing…in breathtaking colours: replete with endless spaces and reverberation, sometimes teetering on the brink of collapse and disintegration’.

This EP explores 90s IDM influences with hazy hints of shoegaze and post rock. Released through False Peak Records.

I have also simultaneously released a text adventure (like vintage games on Commodore 64) with minimalist, cyberpunk CGA graphics. Finish this short game and get access to a secret, unreleased track.

Play the text adventure here:


moon signal is awesome. thanks for the share grids! your work is incredible as always <3