Glad to join in here


Greetings everyone glad to be in here,

My name is Avenix an enthusiastic musician creating variety of tracks from
Electronic, New Age, to Sound Track.
My mean work consists of producing & sound designing.

I love making IDM music experimenting a lot with glitch ideas , producing
such tracks as well, that’s why I find this forum is a great place to be at.
although I know that the forum inviting EDM productions as well.

The beat contest aka “Beat Battle” is another good thing which is neat.

Anyway you can find me at metapop

If you like my work please let me know, feedback are welcomed.
also glad for a collaboration in case. :grinning:

Tell me what do you think:)


Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here :slight_smile:


Welcome! Glad to see you here (: