Gigantic Sample Pack Drop (Free)


TL;DR: I’m giving away a bunch of sample packs. Jump to redeem below ---->

For the past few years I’ve been pouring way too much time and effort into my sample pack bandcamp page (Analog Samples), and today I hit a huge milestone so bandcamp juiced me up with 1,000 free credits to give away. Basically, these album codes can stick to your account for life if you’re logged in and claim one, so even if you have no intention of using packs at the moment, you can always stash them and check them out later.

To redeem: Go to and punch in the code.
You don’t need a bandcamp fan page to redeem these, but IMO it’s cooler because you can’t lose them afterward.

Glitch Overdose

Modular Arps & Pads

Modular Atmospheres

Rhythmic Basslines

Signals From The Aether


Demonic [Glitches]

Feedback Frenzy

Cinematic Horrors


Alien Soundscapes

Glitchin’ The Matrix

Morphing Granular Clouds

Sound Effects


thanks @Agentslimepunk, can’t wait to check them out!