Gamers what games are you playing? :)


Total War: Warhammer 3 v2.0 I’m Mooing Empires is now live. Took a while to download and update.


Today at a friend’s…

Eclipse Second Dawn, some expansions for extra mayhem.


Ok the TW:WH3 Immortal Empires finally makes this game very worth having. Lots of bugs solved and it doesn’t force your PC to heat up the room like crazy just by running it. Multiplayer, while still has quirks, is much smoother than before.

Technically still in beta. Still better than the actual launch version of this game.


As the next heatwave sets in for a week with multiple 100+ degree F days here in LA, I’m thinking of this list for my PC. Since my PC uses a 750W supply and uses a large amount of that wattage, the list of games that don’t heat up the room is shorter than the list that does. Civ isn’t too bad, and I’ve been getting back into some Hades.

The PS5 is also doable, playing Sackboy and Returnal on there (though I can’t get very far in Returnal).


Finally sat down and rolled credits on Control, which I’ve had on the backlog for years.

Really solid game, albiet tedious and the difficulty curve was a bit high for my loser-ass. (dying in one shot and then being forced to re-clear areas on your way back to a boss fight is shit design)

overall 8/10, i’m a new fan of this Remedy-verse.


I love Returnal but I never made it past the third boss. Maybe now it’s time to do some online multiplayer to get past it…


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Creepy and fun. I hear it’s pretty short (5 chapters) and I’m starting chapter 3.


Replayed Neir Automata the last few weeks. I’m on easy because I’ve never gotten dodge timing down in Platinum games and holding the R1 button to fire constantly while doing everything else hurts my hand after about 20 minutes, so using a few auto chips to help out there (though a lot less than when I first played it IIRC). Really enjoyed it and now thinking about getting Neir Replicant, though I fear that one will just feel like a lesser Automata to me…

I think I’m going to get Gamepass on PC, the list of games I want to play, but don’t have the desire to pay full price for, and is on Gamepass at $15 a month is big enough that I should be busy working through new stuff for about 6 months, and that’s before getting Starfield on day one whenever that comes out. The list currently stands at:

-Midnight Fight Express
-Guardians of the Galaxy
-Phsychonauts 2
-Forza Horizon 5 (the hotwheels thing in particular)
-Gears of War (never had an Xbox, so all of those will be new for me)
-Halo Infinite
-No Man’s Sky
-Mirror’s Edge
-that new one with the talking guns done by the Rick and Morty dudes

and maybe Forgotten City, but hey easy to try a maybe with gamepass.

Outside of that, the rest of my year is waiting for that Witcher 3 re-release, God of War (which should be my first full-price purchase since the last God of War), and Tiny Tina’s wonderlands to get discounted so I can buy a couple copies for me and my friends to play.


Why is Vampire Survivors not on your list???


Gloomhaven is free on Epic Games this week. I bought it yonks ago on Steam so have it anyway.

It is brutally unforgiving. Played multiplayer last night for the first time and was a comedy of incompetence.



Wasteland 3 a tenner-ish on Steam atm. Grabbed it. Looking forward to this. The asking price was for me ridiculously high when it came out. Two years later its at a price point I prefer.

Patience is everything :smiley:


I hadn’t heard of it until you brought it up just now. That does look fun and my Rev2 just sold last night on reverb, so I’m flush with cash. Think I can swing this…


Or get it on GamesPass.

I played this game more than I should have, unlocking almost everything…
It’s got that ludicrous feel to it that makes it hilarious.


I’m playing Fortnite like crazy getting all tasks done everyday and leveling my battle pass.


Played it some. I can see how it’s so addictive. Feels like a combination roguelike and cookie clicker. I totally see the appeal and may be coming back to it some more.

Almost done with Guardians of the Galaxy already, I’m really really impressed by this one. I’ve had a few bugs where I had to restart the same part because a boss wouldn’t do the thing I needed them to do to start the quicktime event that leads to their demise, and the quicktime events feel dated (I very quickly turned auto-win QTEs on) and if you die or have to reload the loading can be a bit slower than I’d like. BUT, the writing is incredible and the action feels good. For the first time in a long time I was doing normal stuff in combat and I really could see it looking like a Marvel movie from the right angle. Feels badass. And the writing does a good job of taking you through some highs and lows while fleshing out these characters better than the movies (and I like the movies a lot).


About 45% complete with Horizon Forbidden West. What a fuckin’ banger. I was late to play the original but fully completed it on PC. If this is the only title I ever play on PS5 I’d still consider it a worthy purchase.

They could have chilled out on Aloy’s “inner advice” voice acting though, it’s like every little fucking thing you encounter in this game has recorded lines to aid. I wonder if the Ultra Hard mode nerfs it, …

NG+ will be a brutal one on this.


Dota 2 International 2022 starts today
You can watch it here :slight_smile:


I played this as a filler before Elden Ring and O never got back to it. I was really enjoying it, amazing world and gameplay but I could not stand Aloy’s ‘You’re stupid, let me handle this’ attitude…


Continuing Gloomhaven multiplayer. This game is nails. However because its based on the boardgame its as much about learning to game the system as much as playing it. Its not really a dungeon bash, its a puzzle game with card elements, dressed up in a dungeony skin. Every choice needs to be very carefully prepared and it only takes one bad turn to mess it up for everyone.
We’ve found we are doing better just having one toon each rather than trying to control multiple each.


Currently I’m playing through Metal Gear Solid 5 again, but this time with my girlfriend. She swore she’d never play a metal gear game, but I got her hooked! Anyone looking forward to Final Fantasy 16?