Gamers what games are you playing? :)


I played it back then on console, then the crafting component got more prominent with each update and I got bored to death. I don’t want to spend days just to upgrade the engine, let me buy the upgrade and go places and let me refill fuel without scavenging for it!



The bosses in this game know how to run a boss fight.


Elder Scrolls Skyrim VR:

Its on Steam sale this weekend. Just don’t. Its the first time I’ve ever requested a refund from Steam.

The opening scene where you are in a wagon and getting some exposition from one of the NPCs was terrible. The wagon was veering around and leaping all over the place out of control. Within minutes I had motion sickness and there didn’t seem a way to be able to control the experience and stop the wagon from leaping around and rotating 360 degrees at random.

I figured if the opening section hasn’t even been properly tested in VR and was this bad, further in has no chance. Not wasting any time on it.

Shame really.


Vampire Survivors.
The level of ridonkolous is ridiculous.


Space Pirate Trainer (VR)

Shoot flying robots, dodge incoming blaster fire. That’s it.
Absolute riot. One review describes it as a workout disguised as an arcade game. They are totally right.

Not exactly packing depth and longevity but loving it for the mindless VR blasterfest that it is.


Full Bioshock collection free on Epic Games atm


My name is in the credits of the first Bioshock.


First Bioshock is best Bioshock. Thanks for helping make that happen.

Also, thanks for suggesting the PS5 Sony waiting list. I was able to order mine on Thursday. No shipping date and they emailed me to say it got delayed, but I looked up other people’s experience and that seems normal. Hoping to have it within the next week and a half.

Got a bundle with the new Horizon and they had Ratchet and Clank on sale for close to half price (amazing that $40 is close to half price now!). Those are two of the games I want to play, and I’ve been waiting to upgrade my copy of Ghost of Tsushima to PS5 with all the DLC to replay that one (that was the first game on PS4 where I wished I had a 4K tv when I was playing it, and now I do). So that’s what I’ll have to play until some sales (or until I recover financially from this purchase).

I’m positive my brother is going to pick up Demon’s Souls. I also asked him to put in the extra SSD because I am a bit tapped out ATM.

Seeing the mess that Gran Turismo 7 has been, I’m going to hold off on that one for a bit and see if I can get it on sale. I’m also intrigued by Returnal after being surprised by how much I enjoyed Hades, but again not convinced I want to pay $70 for that one.

Oh, also just realized I’ll be able to play Journey and Abzu in 4k/HDR. That should be gorgeous.


What is your contribution? What were you doing there?


Humble QA Localisation tester.


I know nobody here is as big of a nerd as me on this type of shit, but I’ve been having way too much fun with these circuit simulators that keep cropping up :hugs:. Sandbox modes ahoy.

Also gave The Signal State another shot and I’m digging it so far


I played the demo of The Signal State and got a bit bored, I liked the idea, it just didn’t click with me.

I’m currently playing Vampire Survivors (ludicrous game, really) and Nobody Saves The World.

Side note: I got my making shit games mojo back, so soon I’ll post my latest Horrid Monsters Of Puzzle Match on itch io. Then I’ll move on to the next one. Tired of spending so much time on a non-commercial project.

Next one will be a one-finger gameplay game. Score attack space shooter. You tap the screen to change the direction of your spaceship from left to right. Shooting is automatic when an enemy is aligned. Upgrades on each wave and bosses.

Made it in the past already but it kinda needs redoing…


Ark Survival Evolved is free on Steam today.

Still costs too much but thought I’d mention in case someone was interested :smiley:


Space Pirate Trainer (VR) should come with a Best Before on it.

…Best before shower.


Got the PS5 about a month ago. Astro’s Playroom was a blast. I got Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart for it and I had a lot of fun (I didn’t like it quite as much as Crack in Time, but it’s been a decade and it’s nice to see a lot of resources thrown at Ratchet and Clank again, hoping for more games in this vein soon). Looking forward to new game+ and higher difficulties on that one, but I got a bundle with Horizon: Forbidden West so I’m going through that one now.

I didn’t like Horizon the first night, but after I got through the tutorial I started having fun again. Also had to lower the difficulty because, go figure, taking on robots with a bow and arrow kinda feels a bit tanky. Played like 8 hours to that game on Saturday, and that doesn’t happen with me often. Very impressed by the story, though it feels like the writing quality with the main character (Aloy) took a step backwards in this one. Really difficult to put my finger on, I mentioned it to my brother, we’ll see what he thinks when he plays it. In any case, lot of other moving parts there to keep me interested.


Regarding Aloy: She’s fucking unbearable, her standard reply to any issue is a patronising stare followed by ‘stay here, I’ll do it’. The fact that they gave her a perpetually raised eyebrow makes this worse. Seriously, look at her expression in cutscenes and tell me I’m wrong. From my point of view, the issue is 70% facial expression and 30% writing.


Yeah, I think that’s what I’m feeling too.

In the first game, you’re watching her do a lot of growing and learning and she feels like a dynamic character. So far 25-ish hours into the second game, she’s just acting like what you said. Granted, I didn’t get to spend the first few hours of the game literally watching her grow up, so I suppose it’s hard to make a character feel dynamic after that by comparison. BUT, her behavior in the second game hasn’t been what I expected.


It feels like she’s trying to copy how she thinks Elisabet would act, but she doesn’t realize that she doesn’t have the full picture of the woman. I think Aloy is supposed to be 18-20 years old, and it feels like she’s really acting like that in some of the annoying ways. My hope, still being maybe midway through the game, is that this early game self-righteous character is a foil for a later game character that realizes that Elisabet was part of a team she respected and that Aloy learns to do that for herself. If not, (and I’m starting to suspect this will be the case) then it will be a big missed opportunity IMO, and this will be one of the better flat “strong female protagonists that are actually bad characters but don’t piss any activists off” in modern media, but still a big step down from the first game. For Aloy to make that transformation/realization she would have to lose in a big way because of her own doing during the story, recognize that, and then her friends would have to help her. I don’t think Guerilla will do that because of how much they’ve built Aloy up during this game, but I could be pleasantly surprised.


Here, go and play my game, Horrid Monsters Of Puzzle Match!
With an exclusive track by @Roo_Stercogburn !!!

Mix of rpg, match-3, roguelite.
Have fun!


Had our first bash at Pathfinder Level 20 at the weekend. Bit of a giggle. It does go quite fast and the design means that as the game progresses the chances of fatalities increase.

Unexpectedly all the players cooperated. I can only blame the beer and apologise. This is not what I expect from us. We will do better.

The flavour is great and the game itself fun while not amazing. I think because the enemy is essentially automated and not a player. It might benefit from a game mechanic like in Nemesis where the first player to die becomes the baddy and then can start actively hunting the other players.

A giggle though.


Fun/horrible beta started playing: