Gamers... what are you playing?


Today I downloaded the Black Squad game. And it turned out to be a very good shooter.


I got Doom II on the Switch, mostly for nostalgia:

  • It’s still a good game
  • It’s much harder than I remembered
  • You need to actually save!
  • Did I just fucking die again?
  • No need to remember iidqd or idkfa as you can just choose the create you want, apart from no clip.


Perhaps part of you died when you became addicted to gaming.


You need to play more retro shit, it’s a constant battle all the time


Fucking Genesis is being released literally on my 30th. What a good thing to ask for, amirite?

(and plz god, let there be a gr8 softmod so I can load up everything I wunt)


I still can’t fucking beat Vectorman again. I thought I had it all figured out but returning after 10 years and throwing it down on my Mega SG, i’m getting wrecked on days 7-9.

Damn. I love the genesis.


I am at the moment playing “survival in the game of life” and I find that challenging enough.


Felt like that when playing through some old platformers like Donkey Kong Country a while ago… I was feeling so old, like WTF I already have been losing my hand-eye coordination lol…


I finally beat that shit on easy, twice. It’s probably one of my favorites, even though the only thing I know to do at the final boss is just spam the shit out of him and lose most of my saved-up lives.

Always remember the TV bomb in the first level to get more HP or else you’re fucked


Speaking of ‘easy’ I’m also playing Lovecraft Untold and on easy is still super hard.


Thankfully I was so bad at videogames when I was younger and I’m still in my 20s, so I mostly still find myself getting better. Though they say 25 is your physical peak and I’m gonna be 26 in a few months…


All the wisdom you constantly accumulate will more than make up for it! At least that is what I tell myself! :smiley:


I’m watching the SHANGHAI The International 2019 where the prize pool is more than $ 33 million dollars. Now there is a playoff grid from August 20-25. You can watch on


I keep getting asked if I’ll be playing WoW Classic.

“Not got a barge pole long enough to not touch it. I’ll shop harder.”

I have resubbed to get flying in BfA and enjoying puttering about a few times a week but not really got the time for any more than that these days and zero interesting in the old stuff, even though I much preferred the talent trees and fact you could make some fun skill combos without being forced into cookie cutter.


So I have been replaying Deus Ex HR with some ReShade filters, pretty cool! Always hated that yellow/greenish look, didn’t look like Deus Ex at all, the original DX1 was dark and blue with some yellow sprinkles… I was really surprised how easy it is to use and how good it works - on the left the ReShade version, on the right the original Pokemon Ex version. Most of the color changes are just because of an auto level filter that automatically fixes the horrible green/yellow tone:

Really cool free program for games that you want to replay that just had some really horrible color/tone/grading decisions… My version looks a bit extreme (I like my Deus Ex dark and blue), but you can set it to whatever you want.