Gamers... what are you playing?


Got Ghost Recon Wildlands Ultimate I think. Like $37 for $120 value of stuff. Hoping to dig in a little and see how much fun can be had.


Got around to starting axiom verge on the Switch, the game is great but the soundtrack is even better


It’s about time somebody speaks my fucking language. You’re in for a treat


The most shameless rebranding/reskin of a cabinet I’ve ever seen.

Straight up skinning this as “covenant” when it’s literally Aliens: Armageddon.

The fuck? I still beat it again, it’s average. Extinction was way better.


World War Z on PS4 with buddies is actually pretty dope.

Otherwise, Devil May Cry 5 still has some of my attention…

…need to get around to finishing Evil Within 2.

E3 sucked this year.


Do not miss steam summer sale JUN25-JUL09


Completely forgot to post here about NieR: Automata. It’s extremely beautiful if you like post-apocalyptic worlds. It has an epic sense of lore and world history and some philosophical elements and references, but above all else it is deep and emotional, sad and depressing, but can be so in a cathartic, purifying way, as many players have noted.

For me, it has the most engaging OST I have heard since the best works by Nobuo Uematsu, and the OST even inspired me to do a long DNB medley (check it out here).

Apart form that, it’s a lot of pretty mindless hacking and slashing. So, don’t expect slow thoughtful strategic or RPG menue fights or something like that. It’s repetitive hacking and slashing for the most part - but the scenes and story in between hit hard. Not in terms of explosions, even though it has some of that, but in terms of emotional impact. And the music is just wonderful at all times.

You can play on easy and activate auto chips, but I recommend to play on normal - maybe the first sequence is hard, but if you activate the auto chips in easy it means you can just leave the game fight for you in nearly all circumstances, which makes it a bit boring and non-immersive…


I have to agree, I played it on easy because I couldn’t beat level one otherwise, but once you start to figure it out, you want to be on medium. The soundtrack there definitely is good, standout for me has to be the robot forest village. Some of the spaces in this game, especially near the end, are just amazing. Very memorable and something I can see myself revisiting with time.


Yeah, that one of was original for sure and contributed greatly to the atmosphere in the village!
For me, in combination with the game story movement, “A beautiful song” in the theatre was really epic and “Blissful death” had a strong effect in some moments.

Yeah, supported by the music, such as the different “Memories of Dust” versions in the desert, some places really left lasting impressions…


I hope you did all the Lunar Tear and Emil quests :smiley:


It’s been over a year since I played it, so I don’t remember. I vaguely remember Emil, no idea what Lunar Tear was.


Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night.
Exactly what I expected and loving it.


Those glowing white flowers. For the last Emil quest you need all weapons maxed out to even begin with it, but those quests are kinda like the end of NieR 1, interesting stuff.


Got that a couple weeks back, great game.


Finally started playing Sekiro. Wanted to wait on it until I beat DS3 which I finally did a month back. The Souls series is the only thing that’s been holding my attention over the last three years. I’ve rage quit all those games so many times for all manner of different reasons. But yeah, finally beat the Souls series so I’ve moved onto Sekiro.

Still in the first area after the tutorial, only just beat the chained ogre. Really enjoying the combat, stealth and exploration. Really love FromSoft games more than any other developer. Something about them and the way they build their worlds really draws me in. DS1 is still king though. Going to start a Switch playthrough on that soon.

Hopefully I don’t hit a wall with Sekiro, from what I hear though I’m afraid I will.


I played all Dark Souls and Bloodborne multiple times and I loved Sekiro to bits, but I got stuck at a Boss and quit, which is a shame as it is a great game.


I just went from no consoles for all of my adult life to a discounted PS Classic, second-hand Wii and figuring out that my Acekard wasn’t actually dead in my DS and it was just the SD card. Then I replaced that last thing I mentioned.

No more music-making for this guy


The Wii is solid man. You know Ubisoft is still making games for it? They get the updated version of just dance every year.

In all seriousness, you have a lot of good games to look forward to. Super Mario Galaxy is still one of my jams. And No More Heroes is supposed to be pretty good. And Epic Mickey. And Smash Bros.


Bloodborne is a fucking masterpiece. One of the greatest games of our time! I really love the victorian gothic style they went in that, it was a refreshing change from the medieval fantasy style of Dark Souls that I felt wasn’t as original.

I still need to play Sekiro, but I’m intimidated. lol


I picked up Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice via Humble Monthy last week. So far it is fantastic. Anyone here played it through?


One of my all time favorites!! The last half of the game is insane. 11/10. Been through it a couple times.