Gamers... what are you playing?


4 Days in only and I’m addicted to it :smiley:


Dude, I want a mega SG so bad!! Genesis was my childhood console and I played the hell out of it. You can get a lot of OG carts for not too much online. I still collect the games although and i’ve been waiting for a new good after market console to come out. Been buying some up when I can with the original cases, including Flashback, Sonic 2, Contra Hard Corps, and a few others.

IN TERMS OF RECOMMENDATIONS: these are must play titles:

Altered Beast, Castle of Illusion, Ecco, Vectorman, Terminator 2, Ren & Stimpy: Stimpy’s Invention, Primal Rage, Clayfighter, Mega Turrican, Toe Jam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron, Fatal Fury, Dynamite Heddy, Earthworm Jim 1+2, Boogerman, Comixzone, Zombies Ate my Neighbors, Ultimate MK3, Splatterhouse 2+3.

Genesis is the bomb, my favorite retro console for sure. If you get the Mega, let me know your impressions. I’m really wanting to cave for one.


I’m loving it but I’m struggling so much with it. Difficulty-wise is up there with the Ninja Gaidens, not sure if I have the time to actually learn this game…


well, if you do not turn your nose up at the idea of an emulator, I would suggest an emulator. I am speaking as a person who owns an SG megadrive. It sits at my parent’s house in a box and I am not sure I will ever bring it over here from the states. I can recommend the retrofreak, if that is up your alley:

There is that feeling of having the originals however that I truly understand and is hard to quantify, so if you want it, go for it! Def get Altered Beast.


Stick with it! The satisfaction when you finally beat a boss you’ve been struggling with after a half hour is one of the best feelings in gaming. Where are you stuck/struggling Btw?


It’s funny, I had an original genesis when I was young, but I gave it away as soon as I got a dreamcast. So, I HAD all these awesome games I can barely remember because I was like 5 (like virtua racing, I only found out what that was a few months ago, but I remembered it all these years). I haven’t gotten rid of a console since, and I rarely even do trade-ins on games now. The last few times I did 3-4 years ago, I ended up picking those games back up a few years later.

I have the Sonic Mega Collection on PS2 and the Genesis Collection on PS3 and I don’t play many of the games, but I play the ones I really like every few months. So I think it might be worth it for me to have the best Sonic (and friends) Machine ™ possible. And I am interested in a couple of third party games that never get on the re-releases like Earthworm Jim and Aladdin. I guess the question is can I justify a $200 machine for 10-15 games?

The answer for me is closer to yes than you’d expect. The one wrinkle is I could just get good at emulators, but TBH every time I try it just sucks all the fun out of it for me. It feels like such a first world problem to say that, I know, but by the time you get everything tweaked for every game… it takes away all the quick nostalgia hits you were after and just replaces it with knowing way too much about early 90s videogame code.


fair enough, though I must say the retrofreak requires very little after the initial setup. You can f.e. setup scan lines if you want, and change a few things, but I usually just play. Plus, you can get an add-on that connects all sorts of controllers from original consoles to USB (which you could theoretically then use on a PC…have not yet tried.) The only gotcha for me was that the US/EU NES cart adapter was not included on mine. only the famicom carts play (bought mine in Tokyo last year). I cannot find one for sale either…but I digress.

The retrofreak has slots for a lot of those old carts (no CDs though) so there is some of that old school feel for me if you use the old carts, and an old controller. Some do say the USB is not as “fast” as the old style connections to the games feel laggy…I dunno. maybe. I don’t play enough to care tbh.


Fucking Genichiro Ashina on top of the Castle, so I’m taking a break to explore the Temple.


I’ve found that you can abuse the running attack to whittle his health down a bit, then focus on his posture when he’s around half health. I had gotten lost earlier and went exploring into some later game areas so I think I was a bit over leveled for him when I reached him. The passive skills in the ashina skill tree really help with him.


Still not playing any ‘proper’ games atm, prolly the longest I’ve gone in adult life without doing such. Bit of time wasting on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on mobile here and there, dip into Star Trek Fleet Command but tbh thats just p2w nonsense though I do like our alliance (=clan/guild in any other game) and it has the best name ever. I posted the demented track I did for them in the LB last week.


chanced across Overload.remake of descent wich i played many moons ago.
its ok graphics are good playing w a mouse is a little touchy.but i can remedy that.real nice throwback with much better graphics.


Rogue Trooper Redux is a fiver on Steam. Yes please.


Dude, you forgot rocket knight adventures. My fav platformer on the system. And the usage of the fm chip is nothing short of masterful.


@nostromer @mnkvolcno @Creepr

I ended up ordering the mega SG last week. Still hasn’t shipped yet (their backlog is pretty heavy right now, though they warned me it’d be 2-3 weeks until it even shipped and then they couldn’t say how long it would be once it did. My guess based on the shipping price ($17) and the fact they did say it was UPS ground is that it’s 5-day shipping, which actually does take 5 days most of the time, so probably about a month from when I ordered it.

So, I went ahead and ordered the controllers at the same time from 8bitdo. Analogue link to the amazon page from their site (Analogue doesn’t make or include any controllers of their own). I sprang for the 2.4 wifi wireless which are supposed to be pretty close to wired as far as speed goes, like close to what you’d get from a playstation 4 pad on a playstation 4. They came in today.

So that leaves games. I’m getting together with a buddy to go to Frank and Sons, which is a local tradeshow/swapmeet/bazaar for nerds of all stripes where I plan to hunt down the vast majority of my collection. I figure if I can find a vendor who has a lot of what I want then I can cut a deal to move a bunch of his inventory. Unfortunately, they’re only open on wednesdays and saturdays, and they’re always crowded beyond parking capacity. Like be ready to walk half a mile and hope you don’t get towed parking, unless you can be there first thing in the morning. So we need to both be free a saturday morning and that won’t be until at least the 27th, if not into May sometime.

So, to be sure I have something to play when it gets here, I went ahead and ordered a copy of Aladdin and a copy of Virtua Racing. Those will be coming in this week.


Oh, I forgot to mention that perhaps the thing I’m looking forward to most is that they promise audio quality on par with the best modded genesis systems out there and it’s highly configurable as far as aliasing, filters, and even decay speed or virtual aging of the sound system goes. But at it’s peak, it offers 24-bit 48k playback over HDMI. So it should be easy to record a good quality rip of this stuff onto a normal gamestream capture device, cut out the video and render an audio file for my listening pleasure (and perhaps others at request if it’s not a total slog to do it).


As an emulating Sgen pleb, can somebody sell me on this in a few sentences?

Edit: also when the original console + games is way cheaper? I’m having a hard time with this


You’re right, this is definitely not a cost effective way to go about this.

What I want is something I can plug in and it’s just going to work as well as I remember… but in 2019. Not adapter boxes and figuring out which cable is making things too fuzzy (which is my Dreamcast setup). Basically, my experience with my 20 year old (and boy does it make me feel old to say that) Dreamcast is inconsistent enough that I don’t want to deal with running a 30 year old original system. I guess its laziness and falling for marketing when you get right to the crux of it.

Also, Virtua Racer came in last night and that box art is NICE. I forgot how fun it is to hold a cartridge, not the glorified SD cards that Nintendo is using these days, but a big hunk of mostly air in a plastic shell. I haven’t had cartridges around in almost 20 years.

I know it’s the expensive route and I don’t need any of it to play these games, but I’m getting excited every time something shows up at my place, and that’s nice (and marketing at work).


Starfinder. Still awesome.

Bought Alien Archive 2 today to complete the current rulebook collection.

Our little group of idiots still adventuring through the pact worlds and absolutely loving it.


Killzone: Shadow Fall. Read somewhere recently that Lorn was involved with the soundtrack, so I picked it up. It’s like 6 years old at this point, but it’s still a pretty cool sci-fi FPS. Definitely digging the atmosphere and the music.


Sadly this sad little laptop,cannot play good games(really miss my oversized tower)
i can barely play killing floor2, cant play doom at all,which is odd cause i could play doom3…
so portal=yes half-life2 update, ep1, ep2,etc =yes.Overload more or less.
I am limited with 3d software as well,i can barely use substance painter,quixel not at all.blah blah blah.
bummed really what i need i really cant afford right liquid cooled amd 8 core is sorely missed.
16gb ddr-4 ,2gbddr-3vram radeon dual dissipation was old but it got the job done.sorry for getting off topic,i really miss gaming. sad face