Gamers... what are you playing?


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Mantigames’ Rain Forest Hunter. Pretty nice


Preordered Sekiro yesterday. I’m a huge fan of the Souls games and am super hype for this one. Anyone else excited for it?


Super stoked for it! I love all the souls games - really curious to check it out.

In other gaming news I don’t know how Capcom has done it, but Devil May Cry 5 is fucking incredible. Very nostalgic and cool considering ten years ago I was playing Devil May Cry 4, and this one is shaping up to be better.

I also started Shadow of the Colossus remaster on PS4. That game is harder than I remember. haha.


In boredom sometimes I play Black Squad. Usually I’ll end up playing intensively for a week or so and then get bored again. Or sooner if I can’t

Any players?


Aww Sekiro, I’m the clumsiest ninja ever…


Oh man, how are you liking it? Dying to pick it up soon.


I think dying is the keyword here.
I replayed Bloodborne recently so I was totally taken by surprises, it is different, as my hands were in Bloodborne mode, it felt super hard, but I’m getting better and loving it. Feels like a Tenchi game with less stealth.


Mostly Smash Bros, Tricky Towers, and Rocket League recently…


I’m a filthy casual. Been playing God of War on PS4 on and off for about 5 months now. I think it’s pretty great.


Hands down my game of the year last year, only thing I played all the way through twice.


I was able to start playing yesterday. I’m in love with the new combat system! They’ve given you so many tools for traversal that some pretty rediculous stuff is possible. The ninja tools and combat arts also add a whole new layer of strategy keeping things fresh.

That snake part gave me serious heebijeebies…


Welp, this new content update is finally out of beta. There goes my life again.


Risk of Rain 2 launched in early access today! I played the first game to death, quite excited about this. If anyone else here is a fan, add me on steam for some matches :slight_smile:



Mucho hype.



It totally looks like more of the same



Ok, so I get why Shadow of the Colossus is such a big deal now.

Replaying the remaster on PS4 and holy fuck, what a masterpiece.


this tho. playing Division 2 now while waiting for the greatest looter shooter that is borderlands


Game I play often are Space Engine (not really a game but it helps me refresh after long music sessions), Immortal Conquest (mobile game) and Civilization VI.


Dude! Space Engine. My man, never thought I’d see someone else name drop that. Program is incredible. :beers:


I’m thinking about picking up an analogue mega SG this week so it can be here in a month. It’s 190 USD plus 50 for a pair of controllers, plus tax and shipping. Thoughts?

I don’t have any of my old carts around, I’d have to pick up everything. I’m a big sonic buff, so most of those are obvious choices. I’ve been yearning to play some virtua racing too, so I’d get that. My dad’s favorite game of all time is Aladdin, so that would be a snap. And my brother and I love playing Streets of Rage and Golden Axe together. Anything else I should consider?

EDIT: And maybe this if it tickles my pickle