Gamers... what are you playing?


I just noticed I’ve played over 500 hours of Fallout4 in last two years… Well, I guess I could have used my time worse :sweat_smile:

Played also PUBG fore some time and Witcher3 a bit but it bored me pretty quickly.


I’ve got about 640 hours on F4 but that’s since release day and I do build settlements often which takes a ton of time, so it’s technically not playing any story.


I think I know what you’re talking about :wink:


Yep hahah


Keep getting the “oh just one more round” for several rounds with Tetris 99



It looks pretty green in your wasteland. You’re using mods(what mods)?


Looks like SimpleGreen if im not mistaken… that’s the one I was using as-well.


Speaking of F4 mods, this has to be one of my favorite…

Ghouls Of Commonwealth - “adds more than 1100 feral ghouls in the world, simulating a zombie apocalypse.”

Good times… :hugs:


Still making my way through Metro Exodus. I’m not sure what it is about the environmental design of the game, but it literally makes my skin crawl. It’s just so ugly and unsettling… always anxious yet a need to scavenge.

It’s like Half-Life and Fallout both had a bad trip together

I love it - it’s an incredible piece of art.


So many to name, I mean there’s probably a combination of 30 building mods at work there.

I popped on AssCreed Obyssey. Fuck man. I love ancient Greece as romanticized in legend. I’ve been waiting for a game truly set in ancient Greece my whole life, ever since Battle of Olympus came out on the fekn NES.

. Now the game itself is fun but I feel like so far not as good as Syndicate was story wise but FAR, far more land to explore.



Not particularly playing anything atm. Tried out Star Trek Fleet Command but that is a serious pay-to-win on a scale I’ve just not seen before.

Got pointed at Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and its actually quite a fun little time-waster on mobile.



Sexy AF physical. So jealous! I love the splatterhouse titles. Ultimate genesis nostalgia FTFW


Anyone play FPS BR’s? EA/Respawn came out with a free to play that’s pretty neat.

APEX Legends based off the Titanfall universe.

I’m terrible at Shooter’s it seems but been a fun experience. So the different Legends each have some type of passive, tactical and ultimate ability.


Actually I stole a picture of a really nice looking repro. I’m emulating as always :smiley:


I"m still jelly. now I’m gonna have to get the ROM and rip it up. That game rules so hard.


so i made the mistake of going on steam.
i now have= killingFloor2
Counterstrike bundle
and some newish halflife2 maps


I just discovered KF1 in my library (had never even heard of it) and I’ve been addicted for the past week


Man, you gotta get on with some KF2 with us! been playing it for years, so good.