Gamers... what are you playing?


Not a gamer by any stretch of the term, but I absolutely love the Resident evil series (original first 3) just beat #2 on the N64, then the remake.

I fucking loved it.

Kept me on the edge of my chair the whole game.

I hated certain parts of hate, only because it made me feel anxiety and had me feeling like I was constantly low on supplies and I was hanging on by a thread. Very stressful but once the game was beat I felt so relived. Fucking awesome game considering Capcom seemed to be going out of their way to destroy the gold that is the original Resident evil series.

Fucking rocked my fucking socks off


Got sucked into the battle royale thing with that new one Apex Legends.


I’m still working on Red Dead Redmption II. Sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes I just WANT MY COWBOY TO TAKE SOME DAMN COVER INSTEAD OF JUMPING OVER IT JESUS.

I also have Kingdom Hearts 3 now, about 6 hours into that and it isn’t the game I waited 12 years for yet, but I’m told the ending is very good. So far feels like the first two numbered entries were big budget AAA experiences and this one is almost as refined as those, but 12 years later the same experience feels phoned in. Which is weird because I know they had footage of this in like 2011 or 2012, so it’s been in the works at least a few years longer than that. IDK, maybe development hell got the better of this one.



Tfall 1 and 2 are LEGEND ahem to me…

Can’t believe Vince Campella was behind the decision to do this.

I hear it’s good for BR fans, tho


The good news is that i think because Apex is doing well, that hype will help TF3 come out eventually.


From what I gather this was kind of the product that came out of TF3 production. TF1/2 were made in the source engine so this was a bit of a last hurray… but I think you are right.

I hope a true TF3 comes out and also features a BR mode within it, similar to what black ops 4 did. Could be cool. The lack of parkour and (obviously) titans, has my balls blue.

Financially, this is a smart move by EA and it’ll be eaten up. The lack of gore with a teen rating and moving for cartoon graphics with heroes is less than desirable… but I’m glad it’s not Titanfall in namesake.


IIRC, that studio is working on some sort of action/adventure star wars game that visceral had started on. So I’m looking forward to hearing about that, but not too soon. EA has had a bad habit of rushing developers to push products out the door (like every Battlefield/Battlefront game since at least BF:Hardline, if not BF4), though I feel like Respawn has been largely immune to that.


Yeah, EA is finally getting another studio other than DICE to finish a starwars game. IIRC Respawn’s game is called Star Wars: Fallen Order.

Why they decided to close visceral… I’ll never know… Deadspace 1 and 2 were two of my all time favorites. EA is just an awful awful publisher that keeps axing off it’s studios and throwing projects all over.

The current state of major publishers in gaming is the worst I’ve ever seen. I wish more developers would self-publish, like many great ones do. (Unknown Worlds, Tripwire, even Bungie again now)


My hope is that that starts to happen more too. I think there’s a chance because a lot of the big money that’s just there for money (IE 80% of EA’s investors it seems like, and significant portions of Activision and Take Two) and because video games have been a growing market for a long time are spooked and getting out right now. Between macroeconomic conditions and what looks like a contracting market for games until at least the new consoles come out, investors who are there for money don’t want to be involved. These are the same people who think Apex Legends was a great idea and are utterly baffled as to why BF 5 isn’t selling as well as EA expected. These are also the people who want EA to get their $/hour of gameplay revenue closer to a movie theater ticket ($5-$10 per hour of movie, while games are “stuck” around $<1-$4 or so for the best monetized games). I’m not kidding, you can read EA’s quarterly reports, whether they like it or not, that’s what their biggest investors are pushing for. EA’s stock price depends about as much on getting that number up as it does turning a profit and actually selling games. They don’t mention critical or customer reception of the practices it takes to get there once, and they only mention things like the loot-box Battlefront II fiasco in terms of their legal liability as a footnote more or less.

So my hope is that those kind of investors get out of the industry, or at least understand that this isn’t movies. TBH one of the things that drew me to videogames through out my childhood was how economical they were for entertainment. Once you own a console, drop $60 and you can get at least 10s, if not 100s or 1000s of hours of gameplay out of it. EA has basically said that’s bad and it costs them money, so they don’t want to back games that can give you that. To me, that’s the antithesis of one of the reasons I got into gaming, so they can bite me. I haven’t bought an EA product since BF4 and they don’t have anything in the pipeline that I’m aware of that would change my stance. In the meantime, I’ll continue to back developers and publishers who still get that a game isn’t a movie (or music, or a circus, or whatever else they want to use to justify less content at higher prices).


Titanfall 2 was efin’ epic.

PvE & PvP… the story campaign was one of the best fps campaigns ever made imo (finished it on all difficulties available), PvP was also top notch.

Really sad they pulled the plug on TF3… :pensive: was really looking forward to it. oh well, at least it seems like apex legends is actually really good. just finished dl it.

On a side note - no one plays Destiny 2…? seriously? if so, I really don’t understand why. :thinking:


I got it for free on PS plus and played it quite a bit, even picked up Forsaken, mostly as a game to play with the wife. I burned out on that shit so hard, same with the first game… at about 200 hours max. It has it’s merits, at it’s core… it’s a really well handled shooter. But… literally everything about the meta and game design drags it down to where I can’t continue.

I hope that with Bungie leaving activision they’ll make the third game a lot better… less grind… more balance… less forced DLC and more accessible raids.

  • And yeah, Tfall 2 became super epic… I was a little jaded at launch, but only because I played literally like 1k+ hours Tfall 1… that game was by far the most I’ve gotten absorbed in a PVP FPS in like a decade. So. God damn. Good.

Me either, BF4 was fucking godly, not as good as Bad Company 2, but… It’s gone so downhill. I remember reading it was rumored that EA was going to pull a CoD and make BC2 remastered part of the BFV collectors bundle. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens again. And where the fuck is a sequel to 2142? Fuck gaming sucks now.


I remember in the years where I spent a decade of playing EVE online, and went to the EVE vegas event and tried out Valkyrie in VR… I thought it’d change everything in gaming.

Now it sits on my shelf with my VR headset and just dwells. I’m not sure what happened.


hmm I hope they’ve updated the quality of the story elements since they released story mode, was pretty meh when it came out. BUT it really is a beautiful game, I’ve played the standard sandbox mode and I don’t get captivated by survival games much. TLD just really puts you in their world


D&D night had to be postponed so the group decided that we’d have a regular board game night, and after an initial loss managed to get our first win in the XCOM board game.


Replaying Shining Force and SF II on my phone #oldschool


I remember playing Shining Force on the Genesis way back. One of the better RPG style games from that era.


Yea, until it died, I used to dig out my Sega just to play it in the past. Need to dig up an emulator and a rom of it as I’d rather play on my lappy…


I think there’s like a sega genesis collection you can get on PC now that has a menu the looks like an era-correct bedroom with a game shelf in it. You can then buy the games you want and they show up on your shelf. GOG also might have a copy for cheap. I don’t know the emulator scene.

On the boardgame front, my brother got Settlers of Catan for christmas and my parents have gone crazy for it. We’re playing a couple times a week to the point that my brother and I had to turn them down once and my dad went apeshit. Kinda like that episode of Spongebob where Mr. Krabs gets into the treasure hunt boardgame.


I love GOG! I don’t buy much anymore as I loose interest in video games pretty quick these days lol.


I think it’s only on Steam, but that’s been out for a few years. The recent updates let you rewind when you die (even on online multiplayer) and kind of kill the fun

Nothing works better for me than Kega Fusion while using a keyboard for the input, but I know I’m probably alone there