Gamers... what are you playing?


man, I’m a CDPR fanboy. Play Gwent daily…

Cyberpunk will dissolve my entire life… been waiting for this forever. Love the pen and paper it’s based on, too.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck… can’t come soon enough. So glad they went with FPS


easily my most anticipated game of 2019… man this is going to be so legendary.



So I played some Subnautica today.

I gotta admit, the world, the design, them aesthetics - all these are pretty much amazing. Exploration is also fun. The only thing I did was replace the in-game music with Debussy’s “La Mer,” which was an excellent choice.

It’s relaxing, died only twice, and in a way this game reminds me of one of my all-time favs, Outcast, especially crafting, that robotic adjutant’s voice and a vibrant universe. Not sure if I’ll spend more than a couple of hours on that one, but it’s a really nice game to play.

If you guys want it, it’s free on Epic Store until December 28th or so. Better grab it, you shouldn’t be disappointed!


I just bought this on steam. It was on my Wishlist, and it was on sale, so I just had to get it. I haven’t started it yet. But from the trailer I can tell it’s going to be a beautiful game with a rich storyline. I love the setting and the graphics, it sort of looks like a painting.


Nice man. It’s only relaxing for a little while, the early phases of the game are some of the most I cherish. It gets really fucked up horror later when you have to go down 800-1200 meters deep into complete darkness with your subs and avoid all the baddies, and get lost, repeatedly- until you set beacons and have better tech.

The story actually develops quite nicely, with some hidden surprises and plot. :slight_smile:

You should at least play to where you get into the Aurora and explore it’s wreckage. :stuck_out_tongue:


well, i’m finally back on Elite: Dangerous. $7 expansion made me pull out my warthog HOTAS controllers again… time to trade some slaves.


Not sure what sparked it, but I super got the urge to play Battletech again (maybe people talking about the new expansion) so I reinstalled it after uninstalling a while ago because my computer isn’t very powerful.

Couldn’t remember what I was doing so I started over, and hell yeah. I still love it. Magnificent game.


Any of you playing mobile games?

I play vainglory, brawl stars, and others occasionally.


most mobile games I got into were purely awful time suckers. Adventure capitalist, merchant… mostly time management trading simulators with progress bars.

…I have shit standards for mobile gaming… as I’m usually able to get on my gaming PC or consoles a lot of the time.

I miss Infinity Blade a lot, though. those were three high quality mobile experiences.


Played a bunch of Immortal Redneck lately. It’s a shooter roguelite. Metaprogression a bit heavy, but otherwise pretty good.


Decided to pull out my PSVR and actually use it for once… tried out Skyrim VR… seems ok… Farpoint VR… seems ok… but…

Resident Evil 7 in VR… now that’s been fucking super fun. Surprisingly so. Game is hard as hell.


I’ve been playing this too, the story mode is super slow going but it’s a fun game no doubt.



Still Dead by Daylight. Quite a few licensed killers there on top of the studio made ones.

LoL but only the ARAM stuff because it’s more of an in and out game mode.

Overwatch because it’s pretty fun. In my just got into it.

And I installed Battlefront 2 after New Year’s. Was like $5. Haven’t really played it yet.

Not really interested in too much at the moment. Getting pretty bored playing the same stuff repeatedly. Thinkkng I may read over this thread and research some of the above mentioned titles or check what’s coming out in the near future.


I always juggle like 20 games at a time. I’m pretty much still regurgitating my x-mas pickups:

Wings of Vi
Wizard of Legend
Darkest Dungeon
Nuclear Throne
Dungeon Warfare
The Messenger

Will any of them get beaten? Probably not


Vermintide 2 when I have the time to play. Its the only first person perspective game I’ve played where the melee combat feels really good. Left 4 Dead style coop game set in a dark fantasy setting with an AI director that keeps you on your toes and provides a ridiculous amount of replay value. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Probably playing this until Sekiro comes out…


Currently playing Torment: Tides of Numenera. Went straight to it from finishing Planescape: Torment and was expecting to be disappointed because of how much I love PS:T and how much T:ToN was raked over the coals in the reviews on the GOG page.

But I’m absolutely loving it as well. The world and writing has me hooked and I’m sinking my teeth into it just like the spiritual predecessor. It’s got this kind of Dune or Book of the New Sun-ish feel and how much I’ve been digging it has me checking out the PnP RPG that it’s based on, and it’s super clever. Love how player-controlled it is and I really like the character creation system a lot. I’m readying a DnD adventure to run through with some friends but I might try and run a Numenera campaign on the side, too. If people get into the idea.


Metro Exodus officially pre-ordered in full… feb 15th off work… ah, will be a good kick off to 2019. Been waiting for this shit a long fuckin’ time.

I mean really, even putting “angel” by Massive Attack in your trailer? ! !



I beat Super Mario World. It’s pretty cool because I havent played it at all since 1991. It’s like a new game. I didn’t go for completionist on it and basically just went straight through to the end. Great level design. I love the imagery and in holds up to this day.


Started running a new D&D campaign with some friends a couple weeks ago. Having a lot of fun so far.