Gamers... what are you playing?


Anything worth playing left? After lots of WoW-time of which the last year was almost fully escapism from the direction the world is going, its hard to get excited by anything coming out. Lexica and Chess took up most of (game) my time in the last 4-5 months. That post-apocalypse synth game fits the bill but i kinda don’t want to take jabs at that theme whilst it may still be preventable. Maybe its time to accept there will never be a new or old normal (which was never normal to begin with) and just ride along with the wave.


lol, I saw this too. Looks like VCV Rack the video game or something, might be really cool.

Also I think it has a free demo for anyone else looking to try something potentially weird


Played Small World for the first time yesterday. It might just be the best board game I’ve ever played.

Decided to ask Santa for the WoW version this Christmas:


Now there is a Dota 2 International 10 championship where the prize pool 40 million dollars.

the time of the event is October 7-17. The playoffs will be playing soon.

I watch it on twitch


Tried the demo, rage quit and uninstalled at the logic gates.


Yeah, it sucks. I tried it and it’s just not the same. Better stick to regular modular :grinning:

I will say though that if anyone here likes programming games (games that involve programming, that is) I recommend 7 Billion Humans, Human Resource Machine or Selfless Heroes instead of this bullshit. And to go further down the rabbit hole, Steam has quite a lot of fantasy consoles (Ozapell Basic, BASIC8, Bitty Engine) if you really like RTFM ‘games’.


Thanks for that slimepunk, I wasn’t going to get to it for a while.

I have a newly modded Skyrim install that I put 35 hours into in 3 weeks, which is pretty insane for me. I also am working on Metro Exodus (finished the main game this week, looking forward to the DLC), want to start the Witcher 3 again and hopefully finish that by end of year. Then I’m hoping to get Cyberpunk on sale during some winter sale. And after I finish all of that, hopefully FarCry6 will be discounted by then (I’m assuming this will be around February). And then that Pokemon Arceus thing is coming out early next year too, and since it’s Nintendo I’ll have to suck it up and pay full price for that one.

After I get all that done, it’ll be time to beg papa Sony for a PS5 so I can get in on that Gran Turismo 7 God of War II Horizons Next-gen ™ hotness.

Oh and I keep hearing the new Hotwheels game is sick, I want to look into that a bit and see if it looks fun or not. I like the older Hotwheels games, but the one thing that bothers me about this one is I see a lot of IRL cars like Chevys and Nissans and stuff in it. So if it doesn’t have stuff like Power Pistons and Road Rocket and Deora, I’m going to be pretty bummed.