Gamers... what are you playing?


I just got that 2014 iteration of Thief on steam for a measly 2.99 usd and tried it out, and man its good fun. I love the stealthy side of games and this one gives you a ton of options and styles to infiltrate shit. The game play is only slightly clunky by today’s standards since we have parkour mechanics in every game now.


Humankind out later today. Preloading it as I type this :slight_smile:


Aliens Fireteam Elite. Like Deathwing with more jump scares. Fun but hardly groundbreaking. Heaps of fluff. Enjoying it.


Finally got a few hours of Fireteam in last night. Fun with friends, but I agree nothing groundbreaking. I like the soldier perk grid and the card modifiers though, can make for more tense matches on higher difficulties.

The game sold wildly outside of the Dev’s expectations though so hopefully we can see a bunch of tasty additions down the road.