Gamers... what are you playing?


I believe it’s possible to play P.T. if you hack your PS4, I saw something recently along the lines of it becoming much easier to do that. And then once you do that, you can use an app to install PT from like the console equivalent of a torrent or something. Modding consoles isn’t really my scene. I did my Wii so that I could boot games from an SD card instead of having to use discs all the time because I hate that disc drive. But yeah, modding consoles is a thing and it might make P.T. playable for you.


Nah fuck him, he will never be able to play it and we can just keep showing off our cool status…


Damn, modding is the first thing I do when I get something second-hand. I’m not collecting germy little CD’s from people who smoke inside their houses, if I’m ‘lucky’ enough to find things that people actually still want to play from a previous generation that skyrocketed in price.

I see a happy future for my wife’s PS4 when she gets tired of it :slight_smile:


More on-topic, I don’t really game much but I started THPS 1+2 and 100%'d it in less than 6 hours. I kind of wish there was more to it aside from stupid online achievements, because I figured it would keep me busier than that and I can never find games to get into. It’s really weird when remasters or remakes come out for games from a time when everything was insanely short, because they put a lot of effort into something that just doesn’t last very long for people who were really into them once upon a time.

With that said, I’d probably play a THPS3+THPS4 remake and 4 would definitely take a little longer to 100%


4 was the first one I played, and then I bought 3 because my cousin got me a bunch of cheats for it. I like both of them a lot. I do have the original for my Dreamcast, and I remember playing it and stuff, but I never remember loving it like everyone talks about.


I started with 4, then got back to 3, then THUG 1 & 2 and American Wasteland, then back to 1 & 2…

Then remastered but by then I realised I was a bit overskated and in my 40es I didn’t have the finger dexterity required.


I skipped the underground ones because my mom wouldn’t buy them for me because they had girls in bikinis on the cover and I was like twelve. True story.

I did get Project 8 if anybody remembers that one. The one where you were supposed to be able to control each leg independently if you jumped off a special ramp or something. That usually ended with the board slamming straight up into my digital junk. I still get that theme song stuck in my head sometimes.


Hi everyone. I like playing different online games. Right now I am playing EVE Online smile6