Gamers... what are you playing?


I hate horror games, about the scariest thing I can kinda play is OG Portal. Yes really. Being locked underground with a psycho killer AI who just wants me to do puzzles until she gets bored and kills me is enough to freak me out.

That said, if it’s on PS4, Portal is the best I can do.


OG Portal is on PS4?


I looked into it. Surprised, but apparently it is not. My bad. I am useless when it comes to horror games.


I would highly recommend Until Dawn.

Excellent writing, creepy atmosphere, characters you’ll care about and a twisted story. Total win.


I disagree on this, I really wanted them to die but unfortunately I managed to save the one I liked the least…

But still really fun to play, I also recommend the 2 ‘sequels’


Is Siren Blood Curse available on PS4?
I’m one of the lucky ones who had P.T installed on their PS4, shame I lost it when I moved to Ps5, that game was the creepiest thing ever!


The recommend is a lie?


P.T. is ridiculously good. I still have my PS4 with the demo installed and play it every now and again. I really hope Kojima returns to horror, it was the most promising demo I’ve ever played.

vacuum seals PS4


But Death Stranding…

Nah, JK, I enjoyed playing that one and relaxing. Never really scared me at all. Just got a new hard drive for my PS4, so re-installing some stuff that I let slip before, and that one is installed now.

I’m really interested to see what Kojima does next too. He’s got a pretty sweet instagram account, usually posts pictures of trees or the movies/music he’s consuming.

Fun fact: he owns a Deckard’s Dream. Apparently likes his synths.


I think I played so hard today and yesterday in starcraft that I have a red eye !


hahaha you only saved one? I managed to only lose 2, if memory serves well.

Yes, at first I was ready to hate them all but some of them grew on me. Especially liked the fact that some characters that are usually massive douchebags (in this type of movie) were not in this one.

Haven’t played Man of Median & Little Hope yet but I have them. The wife is a fan of this type of games.

I’m (finally) playing Heavy Rain on the PS3 but I’m not entirely sold. Some good parts but I don’t really care about the kid surviving or dying, frankly.


Fun concept and I also still have that demo but nothing much happened when I played it. After I don’t know how many circles I kind of lost interest. Does a lot happen if you keep going?


@moodorf - If you’re into entirely unnecessary pain and intense frustration, try The Evil Within.

This game must be revered in masochist circles.

Managed to get about halfway through it then I got tired of insulting the guy who created that game that so evidently trolls the player so hard at times… Ah the joy of “running” - more like moving in slow motion with both feet in shoes made of cement - with about 2 bullets available to kill a giant beast that first kills you tens of times…

I lent it to a friend a couple years ago, of course he never brought it back but I never asked him to bring it back either :laughing:


3 I think, but one of them I wanted dead from her first line on screen…

Men Of Medan and Little Hope are good too, not as good. Little Hope was weirdly paced though.


A lot no, but what happens is really cool and creepy, with a few jump scares. There’s a few things you need to do, which are never explained and you’ll need a mic too if I’m not wrong.


Got the Alien RPG by Free League. Not read much of the splatbook yet, only about 36 or so pages in. It has some absolutely delicious twisted game mechanics that I can’t wait to unload on my lil group of players. Stress dice had me in stiches. Just like it will with the players :smiley:

I can’t lie to you about your chances, but you have my sympathies.

Right up front they warn you that the players are likely to try and kill each other before the Alien possibly even gets a chance. Anyone remember the Paranoia RPG? (No, not that CPRG of a couple of years back, the original goodness). It all came flooding back and I cackled and cackled.

I’ll write more about it when I actually run it. Atm we’re doing a Pathfinder thing which is a hoot - my toon is a slayer/cleaner, which is like someone who kills then makes the crime scene spotless, or gets paid to hide the tracks of someone else who had a need to remove a… problem. Not much call for the cleaner part yet but the stabby stabby is a laugh.


I 'member.
If you want to host an online session I’m in.


Been reading more of the Alien splatbook and just laughed and laughed at how evil the design is.

Ignore the beer coasters on the right, those are the two types of dice you get for the game. Base dice are for basic rolls like shooting at someone or skill rolls. However the more stressed a character gets the more yellow dice you add. The genius is that the chance to succeed at something actually goes up but the chance of Something Very Bad happening starts to creep in and gets worse as the game goes on.

I really can’t wait to run this game :rofl:

Since you couldn’t ignore the beer coasters, they came with a Stormtrooper Ale beerglass :smiley:


Alright, so since I’ve played many, many horror games on the PS4 I guess it’s time for…


please note, these are my own opinions, if you enjoyed any of these games than that’s great :+1: also I will try to keep this as spoiler free as possible

Layers of Fear - Not bad as a means of immersing yourself in a creepy atmosphere, but not a ton of gameplay to be had here. It’s kind of a walking simulator with a horror theme. What’s nice about it is you can play through it in one sitting. I don’t even think you can “die” per se in this game. 7/10

Outlast - I think this game is pretty overrated imho. I think it definitely has an atmosphere, but it’s kind of a cliched atmosphere. Also, the enemies you’ll have to deal with (by running/hiding) appear so regularly that there’s never really a lull in the action for you to be startled by their suddenly appearing. You just learn to expect to run from people a lot because it happens all the time. It’s honestly more of a stealth game than anything. Oh, and that flipping night vision color scheme? yeah hope you like it because you’re going to be seeing 2/3 of the game in that very monochromatic color palette. 6/10

Visage - So, you know that feeling when you’re at a party or something, and you gotta take a leak but the owner’s not around, so you just sort of wander around the house randomly looking for a bathroom? It’s like that. With ghosts. sometimes. It’s a pretty obvious PT knock-off. It’s very creepy at times but I just wish the game would give me a vague idea of what I’m supposed to be doing other than obviously I need to find keys to unlock doors. There’s probably more to this game than I’m seeing, but I don’t have all the time in the world to figure out games anymore so I’m giving this a 5/10

Resident Evil 7 - I really started to like this one until I got stuck in the basement with this dickhead who just kept killing me constantly sending me into a rage. I do like the atmosphere of this game, and up until the next entry came out it was the best RE game since 4 imho. I’ll probably go back to this one at some point. But for now I’ll give it a ?/10

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Hells yes. This is the best RE game since 4, no doubt. It has the best parts of 4 (the camera/controls) and the best part of the classic RE games (puzzles/pacing) If you are into horror games and haven’t played this one yet, you NEED to. The only negative I have to say about this–and it’s pretty nitpicky–is that the middle of the game kind of sags. 9/10

Emily Wants to Play - I was scraping the bottom of the barrel when I chose this one. I think I’d read that it was scary on some website who the hell knows? Here’s the game in a nutshell: You get jump-scared over and over again, the game doesn’t tell you it’s own rules, you quit after 10 minutes of being jump-scared and never play it again. 1/10

Amnesia: The Dark Descent - I’m not a member of the elite PC race, so I didn’t play this game until very recently. But I’m glad I did because oh my god is it ever frightening. It’s easily the most memorable horror game experience I’ve played since RE1 when I was 12. I can’t praise this game enough. I’ve played through it 5 or 6 times since I bought it, and it’s always a consistently unsettling experience. The pacing is also just about perfect since the game spreads out it’s enemy encounters irregularly enough so you never really know when you’re going to be bolting away from one…which just contributes to the paranoid/scary vibes of the game. Also, while castles are a stereotypical setting for horror movies, they haven’t been as much lately. Even more so in video games. I could rant on about this game for hours, but I’ll just leave with “play this game if you haven’t already, at night with all the lights off, with headphones” 10/10

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs - Ooof. That’s a misstep. Not even close to the dark descent in terms of entertainment/scares. It wasn’t made by exactly the same people, and it shows. To be completely honest by the end of it I was pretty bored. 5/10

Amnesia: Rebirth - Where are the matches!? WHERE. ARE. THE. MATCHES?!? WHERE ARE THEY?
?/10. where’s the score for this game…? I don’t know, probably the same place where they put THE FUCKING MATCHES!

Alien: Isolation - I got pretty frustrated with this one. I will get back to playing it again and write a proper review but for now ?/10

Soma - This one might not be a truly horrifying game, but it’s usually considered a horror one so why not include it? It’s not bad. Kind of stripped down gameplay-wise it’s mostly just puzzles with the occasional enemy encounter. It has atmosphere. It’s got a pretty good story, albeit depressing. I’m not sure how much replay value it has though seeing as how I kind of got bored on the second playthrough, but it’s worth checking out if only for the atmosphere. If you like slower games then this one’s a 7/10

Until Dawn - I was into this game until I encountered a game breaking bug. What happened was I lost my internet connection while downloading it, which I think may have contributed to the bug (?) Because I make it about 30 mins into it, there’s a part where you fire a rifle at a gun range and…the gun won’t fire. I press R2 like it instructs, and uh…nothing. I uninstalled it, deleted my game data, reinstalled it, and…still, can’t progress beyond this point. No new patch that I can see either. Supposedly there’s a way to re-map your PS4 controller buttons but I haven’t tried it yet. In the state it’s in right now I would have to give the game 0/10 because it’s literally broken.

The Evil Within - I remember having this one a long, long time ago when I had first had my PS4 and yeah, I remember hating it. No score since I don’t remember quite how bad it was and I’m not going back to re-evaluate it.

But Mood, you sexy bitch, you didn’t mention…

RE3 Remake/Layers of Fear 2 - Haven’t played it yet. I probably will at some point.
P.T. - I do envy Nose for having played this, but I can’t see myself ever realistically having the means to play it. Shame.
The Evil Within 2/Outlast 2 - Yeah, no thanks.
Insert random zombie game name here - See above.
Friday the Thirteenth: The Game - I don’t really care for online competitive gameplay. There, I said it. Look upon me with your scorn, I have it coming :smiley:
The Last of Us Parts 1& 2 - Hmmm…I don’t really consider them horror games. Adventure-horror…?
Five Nights at Freddy’s or whatever - I’m still recovering from being jump-scared to death by Emily Wants to Play, so maybe when I recover or something.

I realize I didn’t mention every single PS4 horror game but y’know I have only so much time and money so that’ll have to be it for right now at least.


Awesome list, I’ll see if I can add anything later but I don’t think so, maybe I’ll just rave on about P.T instead.
You missed Siren Blood Curse, it can be frustrating as there’s lots of sneaking to do, but great setting. Was this on PS3? I’m not sure…

Years ago I made a wanna be horror psychological thrill, pixel art game and just unceremoniously dropped it on itch io. Will post a few codes below later. Or maybe I’ll just make it free… Full disclosure: I started it way before P.T.

I agree on The Last Of Us not being on the list, also bonus points for not including Bloodborne. Which I love and if you dare say anything negative about it I’ll abuse my admin powers to bring swift and unfair punishment on your sorry ass.