Gamers... what are you playing?


Imperial Assault is awesome. SW Outer Rim is also worth checking out. The mechanics are simpler but its very thematic. Games can take a few hours as its designed so that things happen in stages. However you can just shorten a game by lowering the score needed to win though it does cut out some of the later-game fun stuff.


I never played the final fantasy games but as of late they look hella cool. Computer have gotten better and the cgi looks awesome…but honestly I was never into rpgs they always seemed kinda gay.


I thought that was the appeal


Love me a good RPG. If there’s pen ‘n’ paper, all the better.


That I get but rpgs via computer nah…kinda ruins the magic.


There’s a design mechanic to be drawn from something like PnP DnD to an ARPG like Path of Exile or Diablo 2.

That’s where it ends, lol. totally different objectives and experiences.

I think there’s also a parallel to be drawn here kind of between books and movies. One is based in imagination and the other designed as interactive visual media.

I’m non RPG biased I love them all. I’ve been impatiently waiting to see more Starfield shown off.


I absolutely love FF6 or 3 depending on where you are from. 6 is great but 6(3) was special and still is.
Also 7 was only 7, 6 was also 3 so it’s even more magical. Rambling over. Careful as I might ban you if you reply with the wrong words.


Anyone played Ghost of T whatever the hell it is on PS4? I’m considering picking it up. That or Mortal Shell. Totally different games but it’ll probably be one or another.

Eldin Ring…where are you?


Atrium Carceri did the OST for Mortal Shell, amazing dark ambient. I haven’t played it but, aesthetically the game looks gorgeous. Report back if you try it out!


I’m looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima. Haven’t played it yet, but I hear good things. It’s an open world thing, so for one of those I basically budget 40-50 hours for me to get through it and do as many sidequests as I’m going to have patience for. For me, that’s probably a solid month or two of my single player time. I’ve been to busy with other stuff to pick it up lately, but I am still looking forward to it and definitely want to do that one before I dig into Cyberpunk.


What the hell is ghost of tsushima…

Idk what that game is about.


I’m GM’ing Starfinder: Skittershot this evening for my little group of nutters.

Giggles are pretty much guaranteed.


Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Zombies Ate my Neighbors, Clock Tower. I love playing spooky retro games during the month of October.


Online poker.


Madden nfl games…meh

Nba street it’s ok cool…

Really wish drew brees got the recognition he deserved but nah the nfl is sportstarded.

Footballers fucking lol.

The game is hand egg

Not soccer balls.


Tekken 4 and street fight I think haven played the new games…played them on the old playstation and SNES also mortal kombat… the fatalaties were gross.


Damn, the only ones I’ve ever liked were CRPG’s. Sometimes I forget how many flavors of RPG exist.


Rpgs are so damn gay. I hate to say it I liked mortal kombat better.


Anyone ever play Hyrule warriors?


Two of my fav games right there, FF6+7 - for me mostly because of the great soundtrack. Only NieR reached that level of OST awesomeness again imho, but Nobuo Uematsu did it completely without vocals…