Gamers... what are you playing?


Borderlands 2. again.

Finely found a co-op partner - my older brother no less…
We’ve just reached OP8 together (level 80), after a triple playthrough (normal, hard, & ultimate mode).

And now just starting the final, all around, playthrough on OP8.

It’ll be my sixth run on an OP8 character… first co-op playthrough though - good times.

Hard to believe it’s a game from 2012… truly fucking awesome imho.


Micro Machines World Series. Not bad, although it barely has any customization, as far as setting up a race is concerned. But it’s fun for a game or two per day, I like the Elimination mode.

My Christmas playlist:
Outcast 1.1 :heart_eyes:
Toy Soldiers: Cold War
Subnautica (will be free on Epic Store from December 14th to December 28th)
I’m not a Monster


Man… I’ve put around 200 hours on the steam version. Probably the best exploration/survival game I’ve ever played, if not in my top 5 games of all time. It’s unbelievably phenomenal. Almost tempted to get it again for PS4 so I can get the platinum trophy for it.

You’ll have to report back once you try it, I need a subbynauts homie to rant to about that title.


Body is clear, it is a complete sentence.


Finished Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice in one sitting yesterday. What a fuckin’ masterpiece… my god. Most underlooked gem of 2017 by far.


Smash time!



I have enough irons in the fire to effectively never beat another game again. This is what happens when you grow up with like 2-3 games at a time and overcompensate for it as an adult


Destiny 2 - Forsaken


Started playing Oxygen Not Included… Lovely micromanagement space colony game with artwork like Don’t Starve. Quite brilliant.


Civ VI on switch. Jesus im addicted.


Dead Cells, it’s awesome!!!

And I got back to Elite Dangerous, planning on making it to Colonia during my Xmas holiday


Oh snap you play E:D? Fuck yeah. I bought a warthog HOTAS system for that game, shit rules. Best space simulator on the market right now


I’ve been playing it on/off since it came out on console. Still no idea what I’m doing, I spent some time being a space taxi driver in a Dolphin, now I bought a Diamondback Explorer.
Torn between exploring the Pleiades to find more about the Thargoids or trying Colonia…


Playing a lot of mobile games as of late:

brawl stars & vainglory


trying to finish Witcher 3 now… the last quarter of the year has been diving into that universe again, with Gwent and the works. Finally got around to picking up the DLCs on the holiday sale on PS4.

Fuck, Cyberpunk 2077 can’t come soon enough.


Can you get the Hearts of Stone DLC to work? It always freezes near the beginning for me. Other than that, about to finish my second playthrough on PC. And I too am looking very forward to Cyberpunk! I’m playing Red Dead Redemption 2 right now and it’s not roping me in the same way as The Witcher (3) does.


I’m not sure yet, I have a monster gaming PC with triple monitors and a GTX titan… yet for some reason decided to do Witcher 3 on PS4, so I could lounge on my couch like a fatass. I’m still in Velen, so I have a way to go until it works.

I have a lot of buddies that are deep in RDR2… but for some reason I can’t bring myself to bite just yet. Not sure if it’s the western vibe or what…


Yeah, it’s not a specs issue, because I have a GTX 1080, a 1440p 144hz monitor, and the rest of a PC that can actually push that many pixels (most of the time).


cyberpunk 2077 does look like it will be interesting for sure.

Love open world rig’s!

Hell the website itself makes me drool! :laughing: