Gamers... what are you playing?


well i bought doom eternal. turns out i cant play 8 gb of vram is not enough. much do we have to spend these days to play a game?
reminds me of the unreal days. oh well maybe next year. still enjoying doom 2017.


Desperados 3. First time I’ve paid full price for a release title in ages, and it has been worth it. Loved Shadow Tatics so much, great to have stuff in this style again.


This is sadly where the console people have a point. I hate to give them one, but it’s true


Join us…


One of us! One of us! Gooble Gabble Gooble Gabble


What do you think this song was about?

Released when the first consoles started to appear.
A coincidence?
I think not…


I’m surprised to hear that, 8gb still sounds like a lot to me, was top of the line until just a few years ago. I had to play the 2016 Doom at like 720p until I upgraded, but it would at least run.

In other news, I’ve spent the day diving into the wonderful world of getting Component/Composite/RGB signals from old consoles to display on a new TV. The results I got out of my PS2 with the cables I had laying around were… less than satisfactory. Dove in at and jeebus people know too much about this. Think I have an affordable solution that will perform much better in the mail now though.


I console because I’m lazy and I want to save more of my cash for synths.


anyone played the persona 4 remake on steam that was released recently? I myself have, and highly recommend it overall, also Monster hunter world on pc, pretty fun experience, last time I played one was the original on PS2,


I’m like 5 hours into rimworld and I’m confused, yet somewhat aroused


rimworld can give some surprisingly interesting gameplay, I have played too much of it haha. I think you really get the most mileage out of the game once you can commit to the difficult settings with ironman/no save scumming, it really tells a better story that way. nothing like actually becoming successful at a play through with cannibals on an ice sheet.


Tacoma currently free on Epic Games website. Its now worth exactly what I was willing to pay for it. Looking forward to trying it out :wink:


Holy crackers lol. Starfinder tonight. Dice fail. Dice fail. Dice fail. Dice fail. Dice fail. Dice fail.

…and it was still one of the best sessions. Playing Dead Suns campaign and not gonna spoiler for anyone who is getting their PnP mojo on but we could not do anything right despite having some (I thought) great ideas.

Brilliant. Gaming with friends uber alles.


I got Death Stranding. What the fuck is going on. Hook this bonkers shit straight into my veins


Once I got access to trucks and roads, it became a trucking simulator. I still loved every second of it, I just realized I was no better than the mules I was told to avoid.


Finally working on finishing GTA V. Slightly behind the times, I know.

Before that I finished Call of Cthulhu, which was a rather spot-on Lovecraft homage, despite the evident budget limitations. I also have The Sinking City, haven’t started it yet.

I’m at that age where I have too many brand new unplayed games on the shelves (I do love scoring online bargains around Thanksgiving time every year) and I feel bad if I spend too much time playing a game… On top of that, I’m the completist type - I’ll do all the side quests, etc and usually finish all the games I start (unless I really can’t get into it).


I can’t let myself give up on a punishing game called “Absolver.”

On a lighter note, I’m still adding mods to Skyrim (when they work…)


The odd world games very underrated…also I suck hard at halo multiplayer and first person shooters…I’m more of a button mashing marvel vs capcom etc…gamer


I played the first Oddworld games on PS1. One of them was a real bitch. Many sleepless nights were had. Managed to retrieve all the Mudokons bar 1. Still wonder where that fucker was hiding.

The new game coming on PS5 looks superb!


I just bought Noita a few days back. I strongly suggest checking it out. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.