Gamers... what are you playing?


DOOM Eternal is everything I hoped it’d be and more


With that virus out I bought Fallout 4. I remember lots of great things about Fallout 3. But I end not playing it, I die a lot and end in very stressful situations, which is not the thing I want right now x)


Finally able to play doom 2017!
halflife2 update
much fun is being had!


Wolfenstein Youngblood is the shit at the moment :wink:


My god I finally made it to Xen in Black Mesa.

Even if I only have 25 life. Lol


Found a pristine unreal2 the awakening Disk.
paid $1.00 at the salvation army store across the street!


This just launched in Early Access on Steam, and it’s been years since I launched a game and suddenly sunk 7 hours straight into it to the point of a total migraine.

This is the fuckin’ shit right here, can’t wait to see it develop more.

Fans of FTL + trading card games, in one roguelike deckbuilding package? FUCK YES


I have been addicted to rpgs and strategies on my switch like Fire Emblem Three Houses, Yugioh, Breath Of the Wild, and Digimon! really nerdy games haha


I got those via a Humble Bundle late last year…started Spyro first…easy peasy platforming so far. Also got the whole lot of sonic games, and have enjoyed an hour or so of those already. Skipped the Megaman/Residen Evil collection, but the monthy bundle for April looks pretty dope, may have to splurge a 10er on it. In particular Bards Tale 4 looks good, as does Raiden V.


I played a Spyro game ages ago, i think it was one of the first 3D games I played IIRC. In terms of platformers I enjoy very oldschool side-scrolling stuff like Donkey Kong, Rayman Legends and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams the most…


Also, thought I should leave this here in case someone needs it:


I actually laughed at that.


My RPG group is currently being destroyed by a piece of paper that leapt out of a scroll case. Its one of the funniest fights we’ve done. At time of typing don’t know how it will turn out.