Gamers... what are you playing?


Need for Speed Underground 2 —>best NFS imo


Sekiro question: anyone managed to defeat Genichiro Ashina without cheesing?


I highly recommend Nitro if you haven’t played it


I rage quit Sekiro so, no. I actually had it borrowed from an employee that I fired so I had to give it back just after I axed him. That said, I definitely saw a rage quit in my future.

Edit: From is still my favorite developer though. Rage quitting is my issue, not theirs.


Nsf2 gave me seizure…never again


I’m starting to believe that with Sekiro it was their problem, I don’t know anyone who finished Sekiro.



I listen to this podcast called Bonfireside Chat that you would probably love. They basically play through all the souls series and talk about the lore, crazy little details, all kinds of stuff. Demon Souls, DS1, DS2, Bloodborne and DS3 you can listen to without donating to their Patreon. Sekiro and beyond (eldin ring) is premium but inexpensive content. It’s like an hour or two episode for each level / rear in each game and they usually have a guest from the industry.

That said, those guys had not many problems at all with Sekiro but I think they are the exception to the rule. Also, the guy I mentioned that I borrowed the game from beat it in like a weekend. But again, exception, not rule.

Still stoked for Eldin Ring though. I feel the first several levels of every From game are worth the price of admission on their own.


dude me either, I’m scared to even start it. I couldn’t finish Bloodborne or Darksouls 3 either, but I fucking loved the shit out of them. I think I got to around level 60-80 on each but couldn’t do the final tier of bosses.

How does it compare? Considering pulling the trigger on it…


I loved it to bits up until I faced Genichiro Ashina.

There it stopped being fun.

I tried going back to it but I’m still stuck at that boss…


Update: it took the whole weekend but I finally defeated the bastard and I’m back in the game.
Until the next unfair boss fight.


Tonight’s RPG session. Currently playing Pathfinder:

Mage: I’m going to eat your familiar.
(My familiar is a hedgehog. It glows and can fly 5 feet above the ground. This level of ridiculous takes effort you know).
Me: You swallow Hoggy I bet thats not the first prick you’ve had in you.


Resident Evil DC ! :slight_smile:


I miss my old RPG group.


Played some Crash Bandicoot N.sane Trilogy over the last few weeks, 1+2 were really hard - I like platformers from time to time, but mostly 2D stuff, some levels in this were a challenge…


Haven’t been playing games much lately, last one I played through was FarCry 3 (again) and that was about a month and a half ago.


I’m playing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (or Something like that) and I can’t believe how shit I am…


Does TF feel close to the old DKC games? I have been thinking about playing those two newish DK games for a while now. The old DKC games were my fav platformer back in the days and I absolutely loved the soft ambient music especially in the underwater levels. Good luck ^^


Been playing a LOT of Counter Strike : Global Offensive. Mostly deathmatch though.



All I’ve heard is it’s pretty challenging. I’ve been wanting to play it, but I want to pick it up on sale. Good news for me though, the switch version has surfer-kong or something that’s supposed to make it easier.


I’m on the verge of restarting it as the surfer dude, it looks great but I don’t have time for such a punishment (said the guy who loves FromSoftware games)