Gamers... what are you playing?



Skill gem overhaul? Shapeshifting? HOLY FUCK.



My wife surprised me with the genesis mini which was exactly how she managed to fit another dog into our tiny house, and I thought things were good after beating Vectorman and Street Fighter 2 with no problem. Then I booted up Sonic 2 and the latency fucked me up so bad, and the same happened with Sonic 1.

I checked my skills against Sonic 2 on the PSC version of retroarch (whichever genesis emulator, it seems slick to me at all times) and there’s clearly some latency or bad mojo going on with the genesis mini.

Well, fuck.

Not sure if it’s worth holding out for Project Lunar or just ditching entirely and enjoying the better emulation systems that exist, but it’s always sad when something like this happens. The 2 games mentioned are basically unplayable and I fucking love the controller.

Anyone else have this dilemma?

Nostalgia will be in full swing for me if I can load up Splatterhouse and use the replica controller regardless of latency, so maybe it’ll just get shelved until PL is released.


I don’t mess with emulators because by the time I get them working the way I like, I’m not in the mood to play them anymore.

That said, I’d try Exodus (which is cycle-accurate, so as close as you can get to OG in software but difficult to run) or Kega Fusion (programmed by ex-sega dudes) on a PC with an 8bitdo controller:

You’ll have to plug it in with USB, but that should just lower latency a bit. EDIT: I love this controller, have two of them and other than the three button mode being confusing at first, no complaints. Better than original.

I’m a big fan of the Analogue systems, but they’re expensive, some of the games are expensive, and then you’re left maintaining space for all those cartridges.


I bought Divinity Original Sin 2 for the switch as I loved it so much when I played through and finished it on the PC about 2 years ago. I played 10 minutes on the switch and said “fuck this, screens too small I’m playing on the PC again”

About 100 hours later I’m nearly finished it (again) and loved every minute of it. Bloody love that game, but downside is productivity in almost every other aspect of my life has gone out the window until I do finish it!


Last two days i playing PoE all day long. I don’t know maybe it’s a bad thing and instead i could make my music.


my man <3

Been playing that game since 2013. Been off for a couple leagues now from burn out, but it’s truly the best ARPG ever.

Did you watch all the exilecon announcements? PoE 2 looks sooooooo dope. Definitely going to hop in the december league too, looks great.


Yeah. I watched a bit of exilecon. I did not understand what it was. I understand that they talked there that they are developing PoE2. :smiley::smiley:

Griding Gear Games is a nice developer.


I have this strange problem with D:OS2 where every time I make a decision, I have to resist the urge to start over and see what would’ve happened if I chose every other option, and then settle on the best one and continue from there. It’s no surprise that I still haven’t gotten far.

Then there was that one time where I played “ultimate bad guy” and killed everyone. Plot characters can’t be killed though, so dead guys were re-emerging and everything.

It’s just too much. I don’t even like stories, so I don’t know what I was trying to achieve.


Donpachi on MAME, it´s a shmup and I´m addicted to RAIDEN V. Made it to 13th in world rankings :smiley:


On a bit of a short games kick right now. Did “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” earlier this week and started up “Transistor” last night. Might do Abzu soon.


How do you like it compared to the other games? I used to grind out RAIDEN IV so much. Ikaruga, too. :slight_smile:


I’ve asked Santa for The Outer Worlds and will get Phoenix Point myself prolly as a day 1 release in no small part because Gollop.


It’s not bad, Raiden IV is still the best Raiden imo.


Seiken Densetsu 3 and the Halo series coming to Steam soonish. I’m really looking forward to SD3 in 3D and might finally play those other Halo games (played part 1 and a part of part 2 years ago).

@White_Noise: Please let me know what you think about Abzu, I love the thought of it but I fear it might get somewhat more boring than relaxing…


I don’t play video games anymore, but I’ll be playing Phoenix Point.


Anybody on here blasting Modern Warfare?

…unlikely but worth a shot…

Add ya boy @nostromer#5203833

Full crossplay!


I like Abzu and Journey style games with the lightest of puzzle action and just fantastic worlds to play in. Of the two, Journey is superior because it has a more realized “story” than Abzu. Both are so short (like under 2 hours) I think you’d have a hard time being bored because by the time you realized you don’t like it it would be over. Play for the pretty pictures and you won’t be disappointed.


Phoenix Point out tomorrow. I preordered it with the season pass because I’m kidding no-one - I’ll be getting each DLC as soon as its available :smiley:


Haha Phoenix Point is brutal. A shock to nobody.

The free-aiming is brilliant. The combat mechanics are great. The graphics are fucking terrible, its like Fallout crossed with turd but in high-res to make it seem modern and swish. Animation is smooth, music atmospheric.

Pretty much what I expected. Not very far in at all but initial impression is jolly good. Goodbye many hours to come :slight_smile:


Here in russia so many servers with old CS 1.6. The average player’s age is 25-30 years. :smiley: Just so that you probably understand the age of the average player in CSGO is 10-14 years old.