Gamers... what are you playing?


XCOM Enemy Unknown on iPad.

I love the Xcom games to bits. While flawed, they get you so invested in your squad(s) it really matters when you lose someone. Enjoying playing through again from comfort of couch :smiley:

Oh, and dat soundtrack, one of the best ever.


That’s how I got sucked into Origin. And look where that lead me now, right back into the open arms of Steam. But with extra steps.


I’m… surprisingly… kinda liking Modern Warfare at the moment. (PS4). The Campaign is brutal shit.

puts up rotten vegetable shield


I see Bliz have announced the next WoW expasion, Shadowlands. They have a ‘feature overview’ vid on YouTube which has absolutely no features shown in it.
Muppets :smiley:

No indication when in 2020 it will appear.
So long as they get rid of Azerite, the worst armour progression system ever, the endgame will be better than BFA.

The Diablo 4 announcement trailer is quite nice:


This was the third time I’ve been gifted Soma (thanks, GoG and Twitch Prime), and most of their games are repeats of one of the two, but it’s still great to have backups in case one goes under.

Pretty soon I think all of the indie stuff is just going to be free. Some of this stuff isn’t even that old yet. If anyone has been keeping up though, I highly recommend Qube 2 for portal fans


I was so excitedly the cinematic trailer and the gameplay one, a definite must buy, have you seen that druid turning into a fucking bear?

Asa side note, I released iPhone game…


Guild Wars 2. I played it at start, had played the crap outta GW1, but then I had a bunch of (good but busy) life stuff and really didn’t play anything for a long time. Enjoying it again with the expansions adding mounts, a lot of more 3d (i.e. vertical plane) map content (lol GW1 you couldn’t even jump, the pendulum swung fully there), and the diversification of classes with elite specs.


I’m disappointed I am the only one excited about the Druid into Bear thing.


I rather liked it. I’ve never been a Diablo fan but this one has me interested. I usually get bored quite quickly though of linear near story-less monster bashing a la Icewind Dale and Dungeon Siege.


It’s good that they are returning to the Diablo 2 style, i can dig that.

As someone who spent years of their life on Diablo 2, utterly hated the 3rd, and continues to play MedianXL (D2)… The new game looks like a step in the right direction, but… I have a feeling act/blizz is going to do something and fuck this up with their “live service” model.

That being said I’ll wait and see, but the druid looked cool and I like the art style going back to something more dark and serious.


Lately I’ll run the audio from it through a bunch of filters and sometimes the Kaossilator, especially when a goofy song comes on during a fight. Been messing with my brother with that a lot, it’s pretty funny and he seems to enjoy it too lol.

Also this meme is great and makes perfect sense, because none of it makes sense.


I agree. Wish people would let things die when they don’t really need to pointlessly go on. Bet they’ll follow the same ‘act’ formula that D2 established again because why make new and interesting things when you can cash in on your previous success?

First two were the best and always will be imo.

This is going to breathe life back into the game for me. Thank you!
Also which server do you play on?


They updated Fortnite. Now i have less fps. Ass. :disappointed_relieved:


Pretty fucking god damn incredible that Modern Warfare is full cross play. Pretty trippy to party up with xbox friends or PC players.

On top of that? Suddenly I find out my corsair mouse/keyboard is fully supported on PS4, what the fuck? Keyboard/mouse on console? with cross play?

Even if this is the most hated franchise most of the time, I give this game forever props for this kind of flexibility. Nuts.


Truly we live in a remarkable time. Not since Phantasy Star Online or 4X4 Evolution on the Sega Dreamcast has cross-platform play been so hyped on consoles (with PC at the time as Dreamcast was running on a forerunner of what would become windows ME).

I am slightly biased as I own 3 Sega Dreamcasts, but the fact is I am reminded of the stuff that console did way back in 1997 all the time now.


I still play PSO on GC/Wii and PSOBB on PC sometimes. Actually I got a Dreamcast because I wanna try the original, apparently there’s a big private Japanese server for DC that’s pretty active still.


I usually use mine for Daytona USA or some shudder Sonic Adventure when I’m in the mood. I know now that those are bad sonic games, but I grew up loving them for too long to be able to hate them now. I also have the OG Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and a few racing sims that are OK. I want to pick up Chu Chu Rocket and Space Station Channel 5.


Sometimes I forget just how much of a pleb I am until I pick up a game like Excite Truck and my wife, playing some intense RPG with rich storylines and real gameplay, calls me a casual.

If it’s the most fun I’ve had while gaming all year, I guess it must be true.


I just played a lovely little game called The Count Lucanor, would recommend to all!


When your loved ones get you, right in the gut.