Gamers... what are you playing?


I’ve been meaning to play Thronebreaker, the Gwent story mode, which is free as far as I can tell. So maybe I’ll pick that up in a few weeks when I finish the Witcher 3. For those who don’t know, Gwent is a side card game in the Witcher that is so good it got it’s own game and esports league.


I have spent so much fucking time in Gwent. Since beta and with Homecoming. It’s such a good game… really incredible. Thronebreaker is dope too.

I’m a slut for card games, and gwent definitely dials it in. It’s so god damn good.


Nice post. I also played Pokemon TCG, Shadow Era,


I’m always late on everything, but I just got a 2DS and I had a blast with this. Similar recommendations are appreciated.


New Super Mario Bros. 1 for the original DS. Also Super Mario 64, which was remade for the DS. If you had a DS before… I’d say the only thing I’ve played on 3DS (which I borrowed from my brother) was Pokeman Alpha Sapphire. Best Pokemon game ever IMO, my favorite region with my favorite pokemon and pretty much the best villain ever in Archie. I also used to like the Pokemon mystery dungeon games, haven’t played the 3ds ones but I hear the newest one is the bestest ever if you’re into dungeon crawling. Don’t know any other 2-d platformers, sorry.


Any Shin Megami Tensei.


Ori and the Blind Forrest


Civ VI


After playing MTG arena for about a month now I’m still riding out the same $100 I dropped in it. That’s probably given me at least 30 ranked/traditional drafts and a ton of hours of gameplay.

That’s cheap as fuck compared to paper magic. Usually a good single draft or 4 hour session is $13-15. Here, it’s more like $2-3 on average (or less, if you win, you break even and get a bonus towards the next entry).

There’s also tons of free modes and constructed events. I’m actually quite happy with this dollar per hour of entertainment value. I could probably play a ton without any money spent.

Magic is officially in a new golden age. This hasn’t happened since 2008, at least.


My brother was telling me they added a battle royale to that last night, what’s that about?


No idea, I’m rubbish at it. I just like it :smiley:

Battletech is on Humble Bundle Monthly atm. Resubbed, got it and will unsub. So basically $12 for it :slight_smile:


Bought Blasphemous for the Switch today, amazing Sprite art!

And a good game too.


I’m like this close to buying a switch…

sell me on it, what is your favorite things about it?


Super Mario Odyssey. I’ve owned every nintendo since the Wii for the mainline mario games, and I play next to nothing else on them. I also love Captain Toad: Treasure tracker (which is a port from the Wii U but still great game if you don’t already have it). I also love that one of my friends went all digital with his switch, so he just brings it over, docks it to my tv, and we can do all the mario kart and mario party we want (which are a blast if you have people over). And for $20/year you get the online play which comes with selections from their NES (and now some SNES) catalog with multiplayer, saves, etc. The one downside is you have to be connected to the internet to get those classic games and when I want to play them most is when I’m in the waiting room at my doctor’s or something where the wifi is spotty. And honestly as you know I was a sega kid and I didn’t own a nintendo until the wii because I didn’t recognize any of their games as being good enough until then, so most of those classics don’t do it for me. But indies and modern nintendo first party stuff make at least the portable version a worthwhile machine if you want to get just into that and skip the online cloud stuff.


If you like Mario games, maybe check out the old SNES Donkey Kong games, but also the newer Wii ones if you haven’t already. The 3 DK games on SNES were great and are still my fav platformers.


Oh dude, do I have a story for you…

Long ago, when I was just 5 years old, I had been to a few arcades and played some stuff like Cruisin America or Daytona USA (which I probably remember because I loved cars even back then), but that was only at arcades. I didn’t know that videogames existed outside of an arcade. I didn’t even think about buying an arcade machine and taking it home, videogames just were in the arcade and I got to play them when I got pizza sometimes and that was it.

Then, one day, I was digging a hole with my neighbor buddy in his back yard (as kids do) and he says “Hey you want to come in and see my Nintendo 64? I just got it for my birthday.” and I respond “What’s a Ning-tendo ?”. His jaw dropped and he dragged me inside and popped in Donkey Kong 64. He fired that up and the opening cutscene played and I didn’t get it, thought it was a movie. He played it in front of me and I was like “well VCRs have remotes duh, I’ve seen fastforward and reverse before”. He had to shove the controller into my hands and move my thumbs around on the buttons before I understood what was in front of me. It was a revelation, my mind was blown, and I’ve been taken by games ever since.

So long story short, Donkey Kong 64 was my first <3


Wife and I decided to only have 1 telly. So if she wants to watch something I have no interest in, I can still play.
Plus there’s lots of indie games on it. I don’t like playing on my computer so this works great too.
And portability of course. I played Dark Souls on a plane.


Haha nice man! I should have expected that a Mario guy would also know DK haha ^^


Star Wars Outer Rim has so many ways to fuck over your fellow players. One of the better board games I’ve played, partly because it doesn’t depend on 3 years of study to learn the basic rules. Its actually logical and makes sense from the get-go.

A complex rule system is no substitute for good gameplay. Most game designers seems to forget that.


Mtg Arena, and solely arena.

If you ain’t drafting you ain’t living,