FVCKGENRES - Anyone? 🤘🏽

It’s actually a genre. Here’s a few tunes. Anyone else into it?

some of the examples you posted sound like a blend of edm, moombahton, and trap…i’m not knocking though, to each their own i say, it’s somewhat interesting, but wait and see what happens, could be just a trend not sure though, but thats just my opinion…

Sounds pretty much like hardstyle/gabber-ish? I can dig it :slight_smile:

styles been going strong for 3-5yyrs now, and only gained a lot of momentum over last 2 years. Skrillex, WiWek, and others have produced tracks in this same vein. it’s dutch, so even if the rest of the world doesn’t catch on, they won’t let it die! lookout gabber haha