From Rapper to White Collar Criminal


I just love that among the 4.5 million dollars this guy basically embezzled, a significant enough portion went to buying soundcloud plays and likes that it bears mentioning in the BBC summary of the crime. I’ll try and find his soundcloud later and see how that worked out for him.


Interesting. Most songs, starting sometime about a year ago, have lots of plays and lots of comments, but one has 100k plays but just one comment:
Before that, there are phases with around 100 plays and no comments for tracks and phases with 20k plays…


Guys don’t post information about me online, I’ve changed


Fucking lol…because of all things the guy winds up paying to use bots…common sense wins again


Can’t just book some shows and play music, it’s gotta be the goddamn ubiquitous internet numbers game. hahah


That’s how AC/DC launched their career - it was all about gaming the FB and SC system


err…yeah they had facebook in the 70’s-80’s


It’s called the halo effect, strongly related to dunning Kruger bias in my professional armchair opinion