Fresh Produce


Been here before and I’m back for more. I just started rebuilding my studio after many years of inactivity. Just posted something new to my SoundCloud account called Primo. It’s an IDM/Breakbeat piece.
I’m building a three tier semi-modular Behringer case with 2 Neutrons and 1 Pro~1. I also own a Behringer Deepmind 12D.
I’m glad to be back and hope to be producing lots of music in the coming months.


Good to have ya! We have a pretty active “Hardware Megathread” that is a rolling hardware conversation. The mods/admins are here to help if you need something. I recently stepped down from such a roll but feel free to contact me if you need something, maybe I can at least point you to the right person.


Thank you relic. I appreciate the welcome. I love hardware but it’s an expensive habit. My old studio didn’t get used as much as it should have and I’ve realized over time that ‘more is less’ and ‘keep it simple’ are realistic principles to live by.


Same! 100% : ) I feel like I’ve got the perfect setup at the moment and it is much smaller than the most amount of gear I’ve owned.



Hello! Nice track.


Welcome back @Subtronik

Nice introduction with Primo…

Looking forward to more :sunglasses::sparkles: