Forum Administration…


@Roo_Stercogburn, @Creepr @ everyone

I truly appreciate it. Coming from someone who never wanted to do it in the first place, I’ve enjoyed my time as a mod and then admin and helping with the netlabel. I’m glad I got the experience of doing all those things. And like many things worth doing for the experience it has honestly been a mixed bag. Ups and downs, etc.

I know break ups are tough. I want you all to know its me and not you ;p


I wasn’t planning on saying much. I’ve known for awhile that this was coming and I think I’ve already spoken to you guys in private, so I’ll just acknowledge this so no one thinks there’s any bad blood or anything. It’s a bummer to see you guys go, but at the same time I am excited to see what the future might hold for this place.


It’s been great having you guys on the team. I do hope you’ll all be sticking around though.


I must say @relic @Auto-meh-geddon and @RFJ this news came as a bummer… :anguished: but not as much as the news from two years ago when you handed in the keys to the Net Label… I truly thought that was the beginning of the end; but @Creepr and @White_Noise have done an admirable job of producing some great listening and high quality releases on a regular basis.

That reality gives one hope for a bright future.

So… you guys have successfully let us down easy… I’m bummed :confused: but I have hope that someone will step in and keep this box of creatives conversing and sharing.

On a more positive note… you five members have all done a great job and leave an important legacy to IDM in particular and IMHO Music in general.

I, for one, have benefited greatly from the knowledge and willingness to share that seems to be the core ideal of the forum… I hope that doesn’t change.

Wishing you all the Best! :sunglasses::sparkles:


Wtf how dare you guys decide to leave!!

No but seriously…since I always admired people taking over once Ben had to step away, and thanks you all! you’ve put up with a lot, and stayed unbiased with so many matters!

Do we have new admin, or are we still looking? ad what qualifications are we looking for?


The other two that we’re leaving, auto and relic, turned in their credentials and are just regular users now. Given the fact that not too many people expressed interest in trying to take over or bring fresh ideas, I kept my credentials. Because, what the hell? If nobody else thinks they could do better it’s no skin off my nose to keep it running as I have been along with @Roo_Stercogburn.


Desire, drive, vision, and an interest in doing something without payback and many times under a litany of complaints.



Lol don’t know about doing better, but hey glad to know you got Roo alongside with :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Wow sounds like the motto for almost anyone willing to help out a not for profit.

Think last time I got excited about trying to bring some fresh ideas/people around I stepped on a few toes, but as so many of us, have a great amount of appreciation for the site! With that said, I’ll see if I can come up with a few ideas and shoot em to yourself or Roo from time to time.

Once again from all of us, thanks to you both for staying onboard and driving this crazy crew onward! :metal:t5:


I believe the toes you stepped on had some fungus growing on them and are no longer with us : )