Forum Administration…


Greetings Forumites, Great People of IDMf, Chairpersons and Respected Guests…

After much thought, discussion, brainstorm and consternation @relic, @Auto-meh-geddon and @RFJ (aka me), have decided to step down as Administrators of the IDMforums. It has been an honor to serve at the pleasure of this place, carrying the torch of all who came before. The truth is though…

This place deserves more than we have to give. Times change, people age, life happens and one day you wake up without the time to allocate to really run this place in the way it needs to be ran.

@Roo_Stercogburn will continue on in his current capacity as admin, cleaning the cobwebs as he can and keeping the lights on in back. The Netlabel Team @White_Noise and @Creepr will stay unchanged as well and continue running releases, comps and what not, with some new plans and direction potentially coming down the pipeline.

All in all, not that much is changing other than relic, auto and I turning in our keys. Hell, you’ll probably even see us continue to post in our usual places just without our Administrative capacity.

What this place needs is a little passion and fire from those who bear the responsibility of the highest authority. Not to beat a dead horse but to be frank, that just ain’t us anymore. That said…

We are opening the door for volunteers, if anyone would like to take a crack at running this place in the way it needs to be ran, and in whatever way that they see fit.

Who knows? Maybe some new life is just what IDMf needs, we all hate seeing the place tread water.

So, if you think that you are the individual, or individuals for the job, please step right up and make yourselves known. The door is now officially open for volunteers.

Again, running this place, working with the label and its associated artists, wrangling with the member base of the forum at times :), has been an honor and this decision is not something we take lightly. For whom ever it is that winds up filling the shoes, we’d like to thank you in advance for stepping up.

Forever we will remain, in infamy…

Relic, Auto, RFJ


No matter how you dress it up, it’s still sad news. :pensive:

Thanks for all you guys have done through the years…we wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for you guys…seriously, but the three of you up and suddenly putting your coats on together like this is a little shocking…honestly didn’t see this coming. :roll_eyes:


If anything I’d only volunteer to help the netlabel in some minor role like by being a judge for track submissions. But if I’m not needed ok cool.

But as for being idmf administration…Idk though.

I can’t speak for discord activity cause I’m not on there but with the forum being a big freeze…because general politics in a sense that people get in real life trouble nowadays for off the cuff remarks on webs about things like random posts about things like donuts…and are hesitant to post anything cause to avoid real life or internet drama.

Also forum went to music production…to the bad boy shitposting era…to the beat battles…to…what it is now…so how does one garner interest in making a forum active again…real life networking…ehh…idk…

My brainstorming as to what would help idmf get back to proper form…I’m thinking what would attract more users…and that would be more hardware and soft synth, vst talk comparing capabilities of gear and software…cause music production has been cracked…so discussing gear and software in conjuction with the hardware megathread that already exists…might help.

Hiding the sideroom so that it won’t publicly display as being a part of the forum…to unregistered users…might help…cause if a music production sites only active feature is a sideroom it kinda attracts the wrong type of user…and hopefully it would prevent further harm to idmfs reputation.

i apologize for my sideroom posts…

New policy suggestion…add a daily post limit only for the sideroom and a limit for new users to be able to post in the sideroom, as a way of preventing toxic internet behavior.

When I think of idmf I think of a more artistic focused version of kvr with people sharing their diy builds…reaktor and ableton max live patches and how to make them…with lots of gear and soft synth and vst talk…and helping out noobs with production advice and making better music…

Lastly I would suggest lessening the restrictions for the listening booth…and unhide the lb…from unregistered users…cause it is a music production site after all…
Also…some listening booth spammers might inadvertently become helpful contributors to idmf…

Just brainstorming…and making suggestions to help whomever steps up…

Also thank you relic auto and rfj for the time you put in here and for keeping this forum going…and I understand because real life priorities. So good luck guys and see you guys around. Take care :100::slightly_smiling_face::+1:.


I only have 2 regrets:

  • I never changed the forum colour scheme to Behringer Purple;
  • I never banned Roo.


It’s not too late to ban someone.


Don’t know why, but I totally read that as “I never banged Roo.” :rofl:


I can’t say that.


Interesting. it’s clear.

@Auto-meh-geddon I think this is a forum engine with such a color scheme. But it seems the old forum(2010) was also dark orange with large avatars. It would be cool to bring the old engine back, BTW. Kind of really old(phpbb,vbulletin) with big avatars.


I’ve always been open to member feedback but I think the main point here is our time is over and if any of you all have ideas on forum improvement consider stepping up and put it in action yourselves. And I do say this with all the love in the world. (Tone doesn’t always translate well online)


Thanks to all your efforts on this site for all these years! Did you guys stop because nobody wanted to massage you? (I’ll love this one forever)

Hopefully we can get some hungry kids that can kickstart this forum a bit. If not, well, so be it. It’s just nice to have a corner of the internet where people are not assholes and have similar interests to read or discuss. It’s become a rare possession in 2021. That reminds me of that DnB forum I registered to a couple years ago now. It was a shitshow so I stayed clear very quickly.

I’m not volunteering at all either - simply put, time is the most valuable commodity I have… and there’s nowhere near enough available time for me to be an Admin.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was the Admin for SuicideGirls’ Industrial Music group for some years. That was entertaining but that also told me that I don’t have much patience when it comes to dealing with BS… and the older I get, said patience runs thinner every day.

Honest question: should I get on Discord? I’ve never used it, I thought it was only some kind of gamer video chat but apparently it’s really another IM-type thing…?


And how do you want me to install phpbb here? I don’t have access to the domain. I love pkhpbb. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::worried::hot_face:


I old too, but i installed Discord. You should try too.

It’s more like telephone app you use nowadays like Viber,telegram,Whatsapp



@relic, @RFJ, @Auto-meh-geddon

I officially volunteer to help out @Roo_Stercogburn…with forum administration…

Because no one else is volunteering…

But make it so that @Roo_Stercogburn has more power than me…

If you’d rather have someone else guys I totally get it. I’m my own last choice too.

I’ll try my best to not fuck up…

facepalm…because…of the circumstances.


Just wondering…is there any chance at all we can buy the domain and gain total control over it? I mean, is he open to offers? And if so, what ball park are we talking about? Can somebody please ask him?


Just wanted to add my thanks to the choir for all the work @relic @RFJ and @Auto-meh-geddon did for this realm, thanks a lot and hope to keep seeing you guys a lot around here!

And thanks @bfk for stepping up! I hope this place will see some more winters! :heartpulse:


While we greatly appreciate bfk’s willingness to step up and volunteer, we are still accepting volunteers for consideration. If nobody is actually motivated to do it, that’s fine, no gripes here. We would prefer however someone who is interested in trying some ideas and whatnot as opposed to someone who is volunteering simply because nobody else did. Perhaps there isn’t anyone who fits that criteria. We’ll give it a bit more time though and cross that bridge if needed once it becomes apparent.

Seriously though, big thanks to bfk and his willingness to step up. No need to trade us though for more of the same.



RFJ thank you :slight_smile:
Best of luck guys. :slight_smile:


Was gonna write something pithy and humourous but tbh I’m gonna miss these cnuts in the mod room. At times I’ve been way way in the background and these guys have carried both the forum and label. This is genuinely a big loss to all of us, whether some realise it or not.

Between the 3 of them they deserve way more credit than has been sent their way and a lot more thanks too. So… thank-you guys for your tremendous contributions over the years to both the community music-wise and arguably more importantly for working to keep this community an actual community, because from that everything else flows.


Shucks man.

You make me feel like staying on saying that.
Much appreciated my friend.


I would like to add my thanks to the mods as well, you guys have kept this place running for a long time and it is appreciated. I totally understand your combined desire to pass the torch. Also, as part of the netlabel, I would like to thank you for your support and guidance for WhiteNoise and me over these past ~2 years.