Finally ! We got it!

a dream come true

As a plugin in any daw !!!

Can’t wait.

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Please tell me the trial never runs out if you record incoming audio :smiley:

Just checked my Reason account and the last time i upgraded it was to version 6, theres a version 6.5 there that i never bothered downloading.

To be honest i loved version 2.5, then when they introduced all that Record lark and the big Mixer etc it all got a bit too messy for me and i stopped using it although i kept upgrading because i always loved the program.

That introducing VST lark was also a shambles using a wrapper, a wrapper was going back in time not moving forward.

However as for version 11 i’ll upgrade straight away, to have that rack in Ableton is stuff of dreams.

Wonder how much the upgrade will be?, I’m thinking this will be their most successful version ever the old school will come back in their drones.

129 euros from any version to 11.
249 euros for version 11 Studio ( kind of Ni Komplete bundle ). No worth it for me, already got the plugs included.
Having Reason as a plugin in any DAW, the modularity of Reason within Live …
Reason in Live - Rewired in Protools !!! Dammmm i can’t wait !!!
imagine the mess … all i was waiting for, i won’t need more vst instruments after that upgrade trust me.

Reason as a plugin was always a dream, they’ve took the long way around to get there.

It going to be interesting how it all works with Abletons sequencer.

As a non-Reason user (at least in the last decade), I’m trying to figure out what this can do that I can’t already do. Serious question - what’s it good at for people that already have a shitload of plugins and a DAW?

Hmmmm, really ? The modularity of reason in any daw dude !!! For me, this little change in Reason should be the best enhancement of any musical software of the decade, maybe omnisphere & its hardware integration, pretty neat as well but nothing big , comparing with Reason 11, THE BACK OF REASON RACKS IN ANY DAW !!! What the fheck !!!

It’s really cool and I have been waiting for it years ago, but I have to say, after switching to Live (from Reason 6) with M4L, and now especially with stuff like the Bitwig Grid, which even works with MPE, I don’t really see the need now personally. Although I really liked that scream distortion module and some other stuff, and Reason in general is really flexible, it’s too late for me.

yeah i have a shitload of plugins :grinning:

this is all interesting. but I think that Reason will not make any discoveries from the fact that I would not already know . btw never used Reason more than 1 day

The grid is quite fun to use i agree, like reaktor, like M4L, not as powerfull as the last 2 but still …
As i said, for me, the modularity of reason is gonna be a real game changer, imagine, put reason on each & single midi track of live, i’m just talking of the modulations possible here, tempo changes, different scales & so on. A job quick & easy thanks to Propp’s Spaghettis.
Ok ok, i stop bothering you :joy:

No, I agree that it’s really cool! Might get it at some point just for nostalgia and playing around, I just don’t feel as if I need it nowadays.

Specially if you already got, like many of us, dozens & dozens of plug ins, M4L, Reaktor & few DAWS … way enough to make some good sound.

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I’ve chatted with a fair few reason users in the past few years about getting Reason for the synths, pretty much everyone of them (even the die hard fans) said it wasn’t worth the money. They all said if you want Reason b/c you like the work flow go for it, but otherwise YMMV.


I’ve been a reason user since day 1, even before, i recorded an album on Rebirth so i know a little about Reason & on my side i’ve always loved the synth way much better than the workflow, that’s why i’ve always rewired reason, for its synth not for its workflow. Even though it has improved to a mature DAW today, the workflow is not the best for me. That’s why i’m looking forward to see reason as a plugin in, its synths & modularity.

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Good thoughts

The Reason plugin doesn’t have Midi out which is a shame as some of the midi rack devices would of been cool running other VSTs in my DAW.

However Reason studios are aware of this so I think it’s just a matter of time before Midi out is implemented.

of course it does !!! or you can work it around very easily … what about the IME instrument of Reason ?

The Prop’Com about the instruments available in Reason 11 Plugin.

With the IAC Midi Bus you can send midi datas anywhere.

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Ok I’ll start again, when Reason 11 is released the Reason Rack plug-in will not transmit any midi out regardless of what module you have in it.