Feedback and help from the community


Noticed an interesting bug:

If you are playing a Soundcloud track that was posted in a thread, if you scroll back up far enough, it seems to kill the Soundcloud instance, losing your place in the track, and the audio. I’m sure this is some page-loading detail, only loading the content that you’re looking at, rather than loading the entire thread.


Member Releases is where you can post mixes.


That ia due to the way the forum software loads posts into temp memory.


nah, yeah, I figured it was some kind of memory management thing. Wonder if there is a workaround…


the soundcloud player has annoyed me too.
this plugin might do the job quite nicely. it might suck for videos but be much better for SC links.
might be worth a try


I can’t figure out where the movie thread is at. Can it be moved to the side room ?


I still agree with everyone that the netlabel subforum and community projects should be stuck to the top of the list, and the side room moved lower.

Not sure if that’s doable, just shitposting it again here, I think for new users it’d present the website as an actual net label, as if you didn’t know IDMf was a netlabel… (it’s not really bannered anywhere here)


Yeah the side room should be at the bottom the netlabel, community projects, and the studio should be at the top


You guys just post in off topic too much so its always at the top :stuck_out_tongue:

It is possible to make the order static. Ill look into making it happen.


What is the “user card” image? You can upload one in the profile editing section of the user settings. Can’t see anywhere the image shows up, though.


The first rule of User Card Club is you don’t talk about User Card Club…




Not able to post more than 3 consecutive posts in a thread.

I’d imagine it doesn’t bother most guys in here, but it means I can`t do genre devoted threads like I used to. like the electro, psytrance, new wave thread, and many others from the old site.

Instead, open a thread, put in 3 posts and watch it die. :neutral_face:

Anyway, thought to bring it up here, hopefully it can be changed back to no limit posting, shame if it doesn’t.


Good point, I raised it to 10, but why not editing your post instead?


Cool, thanks!

Oh I just don’t wanna cramp edit like 10-20 tunes together in a one long ass tl;dr post.


I noticed this only one time in my live production stream thread… I kind of made an announcement post… posted the stream link… a follow up… and then later when I did it again I needed someone to post before I could continue going on .

thanks @Auto-meh-geddon I didn’t even think to ask!


Please keep telling us this stuff… there are so many little things w default settings we arent even aware of.


I can’t log in on my phone for some reason. I’ve got an android with chrome.


Responding to a thread doesn’t seem to subscribe you to notifications when someone comments in a thread automatically.


Notifications are really weird for sure. I think the software can handle way more variables so it may depend on how you respond–to a person’s specific post or generally to the thread if that makes sense. Pretty good chance we will be snowed in this weekend and I have the weekend off, might make a little check list of things to look into. There is a subscribe button if nothing else