February Album Writing Month 2020


And by no means take what I say as gospel, recommendation-wise, they’re just more what i’d try.

@TheTeknomage - Neo Tokyo - Restless Dreams - I know you’re doing it all hardware-based but I think the drums are what are holding it back. And i don’t know what or how to respond to that. As a mix of OTB / ITB, I’d do a lot of midi chops or even wav-wise, edits. Layer in more and more, etc. Hardware-wise, I’m sure it’s tough.

I love the rest of it. Has that retro feel to it. Almost a movie sound track or revitalised sound to it. Even if super rigid currently.

@Auto-meh-geddon - Loving it my dude. While repeating it has some variation to it that it really makes sense. Now the one thing I had issue with seems more in place with the rest of the mix. Now you just need 4 or 9-ish more. :wink: Vibe is good. The vocal(your’s?) sounds pretty awesome as well, just want to add.

@bfk - Fawm 3 - please give me some delay. Nah, I’m kidding. The perc stuff at 1:40+ without the kick/snare action going makes me think “what if” you added a normal kick/snare pattern at a reasonable speed. Like not get rid of your stuff, but what if it was right there, what would it sound like? So I’m curious if you want to send me :wink: or if you want to “1/2” time some kick and snare stuffs. Just to see if it would give it a different feel. I think could possibly be neat. But still, do you bud.

@bfk - Fawm Two - I feel like this has some sort of game NES/SNES feel to it. The kick and snare to this actually feels more jointed and reasonable, even with the perc stuff happening at a super fast speed. Maybe the break needs some more action happening? That could be limited by filtering? Not sure.

@bfk - Chewy sexy time - Again, the drums seem more jointed. I’d almost recommend just opening a piano vst and playing some chords or melody stuffs to help give it a bit more sound. But that’s just me, I love keys. Not entirely throughout but almost chorus-like. In and out, up and down.

@bfk - Fawm 4 - Again, the drums seem a bit more organised. I think that simple step of making the kicks and snares a little more decipherable is a plus to what you’re writing. Now that I’m hearing a melody(top end), I’m thinking because you have everything else so exact/neat, you might try slowing this down or playing it by hand? And by no means, take out the gated/repeated stuffs, just layer things over it. Again, I’d presonally enjoy trying to play keys over this. I know we tried me messing with your stuff in the past with no effect but it was interesting to try.

ALso, not sure how you write, entirely. Like any midi at all or all sample-based and edits.

@TheTeknomage - STE - I think this might need some delay on some of the parts. Possibly the less involved parts. Not sure how easy that is for you to do, though. Almost ping pongy? Once everything is going, seems fine. Again, I feel like this is almost soundtrack-y. Definitely have some gamey-feeling stuff going right now.

@bfk - I think this is pretty chill already but some of the upper elements, non-drums, could use some attack/delay elements. If there is a kick/snare going, they seem pretty quiet. Not entirely sure their patterns.

@Gaki - I’m not entirely sure when you made or started this but that’s fine. Just make sure you read/listen through the thread and reciprocate it to some degree, please.

I’m not going to knock the style but the mix of it all sounds fine so far. I’m not the biggest fan of acid sounds but these work inside what you’re writing. I almost feel like you’re writing two tracks and combining them together off the same aspect. Which is totally fine. But you can also just recycle the instrument and re-write the notes. I could be wrong there though.

Overall sound is good. I like a lot of the elements you have going, defintely. Makes me want to listen to Aphex for idea stealing.

EDIT - Apologies if I missed anyone.


Unfortunately I’m not really doing well on the other tracks…


That’s a bit of a thing with me (static drums). I think it’s the QY700 doing the drums on this with 2 reverbs. One plate and one reverse gate. I usually pan the reverbs, but I might not have done on this. Then it’s going through a simple delay on the CDR 70.

Still got quite a bit to do on this, so there will probably be some delay in that.

The track is actually called “Runner”, so if you think of someone being chased on foot through the streets of Neo Tokyo.


Elaborate? :slight_smile:


Just saying that it feels like two songs joined together. Could actually take parts from each side of the break portion and strip out other instruments. Then add new drums to one and vice versa.


So, added some fill ins including the obligatory cheesy E-tom fill. Done some panning and echo, as delay got a bit messy. The track title is; Neo Tokyo Runner.


meh track 5


Intro bassline needs some of the bass notes to be longer to give it more syncopation. Guitar-ish sound needs some fifths (or something suitable) here and there.

Neema nomma when it kicks in lacks variation. While obvious, even some Cutoff/Res automation would give it some dynamics. Doesn’t have to be over the top or totally acid or work up to a drop. Just something.

The tune though… I like a lot. Like really a lot.


Might need you to elaborate a bit more for me. You are talking about the most recent track I posted I assume.


put this in the create today thread…but did some edits and decided to lump it in with my fawm…was going for dnb…but it’s looking more like stuff with edm influences
anyways here


Another one started I guess. I need to spend the 2nd half of the month really trying to finish these up, I think. Added it to my playlist as well.


I’m done with my EDM/dnb influenced fawm…wont do anymore edits of the tracks…being that I want to move on and start making another glitch ep and take another shot at le woulg vaetxh sound


I hope you use that stuff I replied to the other day. Sounded neat.


@bbb I never got anything…iirc I only did one remix and that was a few years back…unless your talking about in terms of feedback…I confuse…


The stuff i said sounded almost industrial.


Oh you mean the harmor granular destruction of a drum break I posted in the create today thread… I am gonna use it…

also uploaded my fawm to bc to free up space on my sc


Do we need a separate thread for excuses for failing FAWM misarably?
I feel like I could contribute to that thread quite a lot…


I don’t think it was a fail. No matter how many tracks got posted. I personally got a handful from it that I want to try to put together, finish, etc.

And I got to hear some other stuff from people whether it was one or more. IRL is King!


Apologies if this was somehow repeating but, I’m actually attempting to throw some stuff at the forum to see what sticks, so to speak. I think I’ve currently collected 4 or 5 things, but this week might end up with 1 or 2 more, based off my work chilling out for a week, weekend.

I’m seriuosly hoping I complete the projects previously to me touching this idea, and after get done. I might even dump my other project afterwards. Really needs to be seen where I am, I guesss. Nowhere. =D


I think overall was good, mine was a bit of a fail.
But soon I should be able to make public the reason why I failed…