Favorite comicbook characters

Mine is wolverine/spiderman

X23 is cool too…

But yeah wolverine and spiderman cause they arent so hideously overpowered like superman…

Batman i feel like is way too idolized.

Judge Dredd

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Sonic the Hedgehog had an incredible run of comics for about 20 years. Then one of the creators of all the characters in the comic pulled the plug and they had to start over from scratch (creative differences or something). But there’s something like 200 issues of Sonic the Hedgehog that are actually pretty hardcore.

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Dream one the endless by neil gaiman…i thought the comic was overrated but the concept of the character is fascinating.

Also how is gaiman pronounced is it gay man,
ga im an, or gaman, or guyman.

Dr. Manhattan from the watchman…

I think between dr. Manhattan and superman…

Dr. Manhattan would win.

Having ASD kind of prevents me from getting into any sort of fiction at all, but if I had to choose it would probably be Wolverine because the lore seems to run pretty deep with him

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