External audio source modulating a waveform

Say you have a kick drum, a standard sample.

Say you have a legato bass, a sine tone.

Now say every time the kick hits, it fucks with the waveform of the bass like creates a frequency modulation or some other internal interference with the bass. But does so making something congruent and inherently “harmonic” (even if dissonant).

I figured out one way to do this with Serum, so far my only attempt. First bounce my kick sample to the exact lenght (a full quarter note file). Then drag it into the noise oscillator with “repeat” selected. Turn the volume to zero. FM modulate the sign tone from the noise osc to taste. Play a bassline, quantize it to the real kick.

Now the next step is to make it echo (The splash of the kick-rock causing ripples through the water of the bass). I will probably have to remake the noise sample with the effects, but that won’t loop well. hmmm.

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I’ve used a combination vocodex and fls peak controller in a similar fashion but I didn’t know that serum was able to do this, could probably also do this or something similar in a modular environment or with other plugin’s such as harmor, but it would be more manual and might not have the same capabilities as serum

I agree with bfk, I immediately thought modular setup with quantization or something like Reaktor, M4L, or FL Patcher. They’re all going to be different, but you should be able to get access to at least one of those to mess around with pretty easily, and I think there will be a way to quantize what you’re doing such that it can be harmonic in any of them if you dig deep enough.

For that matter, on the modular front you have VCV rack and Softube’s Modular now, and I think Kilohearts has a new one now too. VCV rack is free, IDK if you can pass external audio through it or not, but if you can you’d be in business.

FM8 has an audio input, which you can use to do exactly this.

It’s also useful for running random foley samples into and making transformer SFX.

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