[experimental,funk] DTMF - Keyboard lake


i was asked to write soundtrack for a small youtube clip. this track was completely written without a computer. no post-mastering.
octatrack+analog four+deepmind. hope you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:


sounds like a sweet jam session. It definitely has that music made for video feel and reminds me of motivational ads where something similar is constantly playing in the background.


Sounds really good! Though I’m not that much into the second part of the track. Apart from this - not much to add - just DOPE! :clap::clap:


It sounds great and very finished. I dig the vibs and sound choices. Good groove! :+1::+1:


pretty awesome, it reminds me of dj shadow, this is really good


I am feeling it! Make it funky y’all. Clean up the mix maybe add a little bit of glitter just to bring the transitions together. get a proper master and this a solid song.