[experimental/dark ambient] ±vMcÇ - scattered bits

Super excited to have this 6 song release be asked to come out on Fur Tuxedo, and wanted to come to share it with IDMF community.

All the best, stay safe, wearing a mask, and forward-thinking!

be a great day,


Man this is like a real edgy and intense bad trip - in the best way!

Good sound wrangling, man, and congrats on the news.

Keep it up.

'til the next one.

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haha - i could use a trip… preferably an acid trip…

thanks for the support as always @psyber

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Ok My donations paid. nOw I’m listening…fuck lol… this is mental nuts in a good way.

Really graphical sounds in my mind. Good flashback imagery, metallic sheets moulding themselves into the mind of an asylum in mate since released and reliving the shock therapy over and over again in some large isolated wooden barn.

Second track and third tracks explores a wake up. Didn’t really take it all in as writing the previous and got distracted with the internet. Saying that, the parts I tuned into followed the flow on a less dense setting and still enjoyed it. Just relistened to track 2 and great place setting in the mix of things.

Fourth track. Nice atmosphere and beat. I am noticing a really nice well-balanced mix. I like the choice and blend of sounds. That kick with the haunting chords, brass (or bassoon) and other wind instruments. The vocals are lush and follow on with the insane dark intensity witness in track 1. This could also border sci-fi, but I prefer an intense psychological vision with this album. All good. Just notice the name - WhaleBOne not sure if that intent (in which case clever) or me seeing what I want. Could be Whale Bone or a play Whale OB1 (Star Wars- I know stretching it here) …

Fifth track - interesting name. Is that another name for Fluffer on the job description form (don’t google it if you don’t know lol). In the scheme of the album really positive flow and loving the dystopian style and tempo changes, so rare and wonderful to hear nowadays. Well done, pulled this one of and my favourite of them all…too short! bah humbug…need the 80s 12-inch extended remix of that one, at least 18 mins or more. Seriously my favourite.

Six track - getting theatrical, more musically connected with some external atmosphere. Mate you really have got talent.

I’m really hearing all this as more theme music, cinematic, theatrical, experimental/modern dance music.

Overall impressed and love the balance of all the mixing and mastered well (who ever did it). Although I would love to hear more depth (maybe my speakers).

All the best with the release and hope you make enough to treat yourself.


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LMAO! :metal:t5: unfortunately I am not that cool! haha… it’s referring to Z-Plane Filtering, innit :wink:

if i make a pence, i’ll be happy, but truly did this for a ;label who asked me to do a release.

ever gratful for your support, and if you can dance to these tunes, please make a video! :metal:t5:

Ok not going to lie, d!b g00gle z-plane filter just in case…nothing on the usual pron channels (safe search on) but I did find this. Its on my shopping list just to have am external filter to pass audio through.

On the flip side, Im more dad dance

Was thinking more modern contemporary styles, I’ve done tracks for a couple of dance groups a long time ago.

Just searched a random vid and try the following for an experiment. It does have an annoyingly long advert if you restart it so use the pause button rather than reload…3 mins!!!

Start the video at this link point which is where the dancer walks in the building starts touching the wall, about 28or29 secs in or there abouts.

The start timing is relevant for the sync of the music :slight_smile:

Set playback to x1.25 speed on youtube

Start Track 5 Dipthong Filter

See if it fits.

If you really want to see where it gets interesting to you track, start the video as above at 1min 9secs at x1.25.
Start you track at 41secs and you’lll get my drift. Nice. Kept me occupied for a while.

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haha thanks for that!

There is some seriously nice sound design and experimental arrangements going on in this release. My fav is WahleBOne, but all the tracks have something original and innovative about them. Really cool stuff!

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@metaside Thanks for your kind words, glad you enjoyed these selections! Best of :metal:t5:

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I’m shit with comments at times but yeah I like this, interesting. I like your bc cover :sunglasses:

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@Bambra - hey thanks, glad you enjoyed the release. :metal:t5: