[Experimental] DaDa Tribe-Two Zwei Dos

Very excited to have this released from Cian Orbe. A collaboration between myself and Mrs. Dink (Megan J) of Degenerate Trifecta.


Dystopian and industrial. Some tracks have really cool beats, I do like some hard beatz. Entire album feels very synthetic and artificial. Great concept and good work.

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Thank you for your awesome words of support. I would have posted the first release for the sake of Gene Rodenberry’s shut down of Star Trek fan fiction for the sake of canonical structure. But that’s not what DaDa is, It doan gotta make sense to know how to succeed or suck eggs.

BTW, You have some damn good sound designs going on. Cheers!

Not my type of sound, but I do appreciate your experimenting with sound + the coherence of the whole album - it does feel like one thing. Cool sound design ideas. Some of the tracks have moments with certain sounds jumping in very loudly, so there seems to be a slight issue with levels at times.

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Thank you for your honest feedback and I am equally thrilled that even though its not exactly your type of sound, You kept an open mind and that’s totes rad on you @psalmspalms. The first two releases are every bit testing the proverbial waters but the entire process was fun and I think that is why Maegan J and I were able to “click?” in terms of continuity. Cheers!